Meeting this week?

Isn't the CFL brass meeting this week? Could there be an announcement about Ottawa?


Don’t think so, maybe the schedule finally!!

But when the latest report on Palmer's group settling on the franchise fee came out, they said that this would be an issue at this week's meetings ... I really hope we get some really positive news for Ottawa by the end of the week.

There is meetings this week, the Ottawa Topic is part of the things. Topics are:

-New Commish
-New Rules/rule changes

The Schedual is likely to be released this week as is the announcement of some rule changes like: making it illegal to kick the ball out between the 25’s on punts(directly out of bounds), Blocking interpretation, Roughing the Passer Clarification, possible 2 time-outs per half. I think another 1 or 2.

Also Progress with the Palmer group for Next week.

So any news on the Ottawa situation? Any idea how long until an announcement? March?

Apparently. I read somewhere that Ottawa folks would know by the end of March where they stand. I think it was Pelley being quoted.

We gotta bring this team back into the league. Think about all the great players released due to salary cap, sign them all to new deals in Ottawa and we would have a good team.

I think that very thing every time I see someone get cut. :frowning: I'm not following things very closely any more, but it doesn't seem like a good year for free agency though, on the other hand.