Meeting of the Forumites at GREY CUP

I would like to throw out a suggestion. As dedicated followers of the forum and the CFL, would it not be interesting, if not neat, to have a get together at Grey Cup organized by the CFL and this web-site. I do not know what type of budget this web site deals with, manpower, etc, but I think it would be great if we were supplied a venue to meet and finally put some faces to these names in the forum. I figure you could get a room somewhere close by the stadium for less than $500, buy your own drinks. If you want to go, you just declare by submitting an entry or something like that. Only those with valid forum ID’s are allowed into the area.

Perhaps I am thinking too complex, and just declaring a common meeting area and time would be better. I think it would be good. It is understandable that all will not be there, but I am sure there would be at least 50 of us there on that weekend. This could be an excellent way for the CFL and this web site to promote the site. Any thoughts?

Can we wait 'til the fall??

for what? This topic.

Is that a question?

yup. I took your ‘can we wait til the fall’ to mean that it was too early to have a topic like this, but I was a bit unclear. So I asked if you meant we should wait until later to post a topic like this.

kool…AAND the gang!

This is a good topic to talk about now so ideas can be thrown around and gives more organizational time. I’m guessing this post is to see if this website clues into the suggestion to hold a party at Grey Cup for CFL forum members. It would be a great idea.

i’d suggest a half time meeting for y’all, or someone can order tickets for everyone, then everyone can pay him/her for the tix, then y’alll can sit together.

i dont kno, but i kno that me and Blazer_WR are goin… and i think there is another one of us here but i dont kno his username… got 7 seats up high… how many users are there anyway, im sure it says somewhere here but i dont feel like lookin for it

1047 users…and the latest registered user…TurkeyBend!

I was hoping the CFL web masters would view this post then suggest it to the powers that be. It really would not take much. An announcement and a room at Grey Cup. There are tons of official spots, this could be just another one. I don’t think we would want to hang out all weekend, but I am sure we would all be interested in meeting the other users of this forum.

COOL! The TURKEY is back!

Theres something wrong with having a Grey cup game in a dome, but
I’ll be there if my team makes it.

i went to the western finals last year, and it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be… although open is definatly better… i think the dome gets alot louder than the open stadium because the sound bounces back and the place is amazingly loud… especially when the Stamps kicker missed the game winning kick… his name is alluding me rite now

When that cold moist rain falls on you, you’ll appreciate the dome. After all, I keep hearing from you prairee people that Your “Dry cold” is warmer than our “wet cold”. Besides, if you were outside, all those fans with painted faces would have them washed off by half time! Besides at old Empire Stadium you never knew whether it was rain, or rain mixed with pidgeon poop falling on you.

I will be there, we bought our tickets about 2 weeks ago. I think this would be a neet idea. If not for someone puting on a party, I think everyone there should just meet up somewhere, Like Riderwillve.

Well there will be alot of paint washed off fans faces today. Our
weather for the last week has been great, if youre a duck.

Its going to be hard evaluating players with this weather, Burris

A meeting would be cool. And it probably doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. If it is something simple like just meeting at a particular section of BC Place. I bought my GC tix through a travel company. If any of you did to, chances are there is a ton of us staying in the same hotels. What if it was simple like buying a CFL logo pin and wearing it in a specific place, like on sleeve collar or front right pocket. That way no one is giving personal info on this forum, but we’ll all know each other from the pin. You never know, it could start whispers around the game, “why are people wearing pins on their pants? Am I missing something”.

I’ll be there, ans so will the Lions.

looking forward to the Lions wasting whoever comes thinking they can beat us… like we should have last year