Meet your mods!

For those who are newer to the boards or for those who just want to get to know this site's mods better, I present a look at 2007 mods!


Lives in:


Team of preference:

Calgary Stampeders

Known for:

Moving topics to the off topic section regardless of how relevant they may be to the CFL.


Lives in:


Team of preference:

Montreal Alouettes

Known for:

Locking topics for absolutely no reason or just because he doesn't like their message, even if there is absolutely nothing wrong with the topic.


Lives in:

Prince Albert

Team of preference:

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Known for:

Her scathing comments when people say stupid things. Being classy.

the R on ro's shirt stands for ro1313, i take it?

I would imagine so, though you would have to ask him to be sure.

I wish to meet jm02 privately and discuss the world political situation. Would this be possible? Shouldn't take any more than about 5-10 minutes. :lol:

fixed that for ya :twisted:

Thanks FYB. That's a tad quick for me though, I'm not a spring chicken any more. But looking again at jm02, 5-10 seconds is a possibility me thinks actually. :wink:

....awesome, I finally get to wear a cape....

Hmmmmm... I always though to R&W more like the Riddler than Batman.. and JM reminds of Lynda Carter's WonderWoman with red hair...

I have to call on picture of JM02.

There's no way it's warm enough to wear a bikini in Prince Albert and she doen't have a Bohemian Maid or a Pilsner in her hand.

the maid is..ummm...otherwise occupied at the moment, and hasnt brought JM her 6th pilsner of the morning yet :stuck_out_tongue:

come to think of it, I didnt know that JM usually has a bohemian maid in her hands, Just didnt know that about JM :twisted:

....looks like batman might have his hands on that bohemian maid judging from his seizure.....

For the enlightenment of those who may not be beerofiles, Bohemian, Pilsner and Calgary Ale are all former Alberta Beers which are now, sadly, sniff, only available in Saskatchewan, sniff.

Only in Saskatchewan


Now THAT'S funny...... :lol:

Guys, guys, guys. If any of y'all really know jm, she doesn't do pilsner. She's strictly a Paralyzer gal. :lol:

Holy crap, we have been mongoed :stuck_out_tongue:

Listen to mongo,'s paralyzer city for me, although thanks to RedandWhite's chocotini tip, that's a close second.....and with a bod like the one in the pic, does it really matter how cold the temp is outside?

.....and with a bod like the one in the pic, does it really matter how cold the temp is outside?
unfortuantely, the best answer to that would be quite x rated :twisted:

Now now, FYB, no need to speculate whether or not jm is spank material. I mean, the answer to that ought to be pretty obvious. :lol: