Meet up? (title must be blah blah blah)

One thing this board doesn't seem to have is common meet ups....I'm only on a few other message boards (fishing, phish, and cigars) and we all have a few meet ups per year...yes, covid put a damper on that but...

Anyone going to the spirit of Edmonton party this Friday or the Box J Boys funk party Saturday?

I'm not going to be in Hamilton for the Cup, but I agree it would be nice to get some meetups going.

btw, what is a phish message board? Is it for the band Phish by any chance?

And . . . yeah, this damned covid has put a damper on so much.

I hope it's not "phishing". Ask @sully about that... Lol

yes, for the band Phish.

I spent a few years of my teen and early 20's following that band around..seen 200+ shows. Have some friends that I keep in touch with via a phish message board that I've known since the mid 90's. one going out this Friday or Saturday night?

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The Markcast are saying they will be at The George Hamilton Restaurant on the 11th. 3-4:30 pm. There might be some CFL people there. At the very least you could photo bomb them when they are broadcasting.

Will probably hit Spirit of Edmonton just not sure if it will be Friday or Saturday. Where are the Box J Boys doing their thing?

Slainte (think i spelled that right). Saturday night funk party.

Thanks for the heads up. That’s a cool bar, thought it had closed a few years back.

Crap you're right.

Brain mixed it up.

It's at the Corktown.

Not nearly as cool of a venue but still cool.

The band funkhaus will be playing.

I’ll have to see if I can convince the wife to get her ‘funk’ out. We’re on the wrong side of middle age😀 Looks like a blast though.

Usually the team rents out a bar in the host city, a bit disappointed they didn’t arrange anything considering Spirit of Edmonton is still going ahead.

I posted on the "other board" how hamilton should have capalized on this...and boy did they drop the usual.

Has anybody been getting out to some of the festivities? Was probably heading to Spirit of Edmonton later on. Also curious how the Box J Boys thing was at Corktown. Think it’s on again tonight.

Last night was an absolute blast at the Spirit of Edmonton.

The Cup was there. Place was packed, but not overly packed. We got there at 6pm and left when they shut down at midnight. Met fans from every team. Calgary fans were so much fun! Truthfully, I met some of the nicest Bomber fans. We got along and hung out at the same table for most of the night. A father/son combo who were hilarious (son was maybe 20 or 21, having a blast).

There was a 20-30 minute lineup from the time we got there at 6pm (likely earlier) right through to maybe 10:30...the last 1.5 hours you could go right in.

Live music, dancing (some line dancing, lol) really a great time. I'm thinking about heading to Stonewalls from 2pm-6pm. They have a blues band playing and from what I understand a lot of fans from the various teams will be going there as an impromptu CFL afternoon event.

I heard from a few folks that came from the Convention Centre that is was semi busy there (I hate that place, so I wasn't about to find out). The Box J Boys was packed as well. Really a great evening in the Hammer. The uber driver who brought us there said he was very busy all day.


We didn’t make it out till around 8 last night. No lineup at Spirit of Edmonton. Fairly lively and lots of western fans who were all pretty friendly. Later popped over to CC for the East Social - we just missed the live band who were really good apparently but Dj kept things rolling. West social was a lot quieter and mostly Bomber fans.

I’m impressed and surprised at the number of western fans that have travelled out, mind you some live in Ontario. Lots of Jerseys from all five western cities. Wasn’t sure how this year’s festivities would turn out but considering where we were last spring, minor miracle we get to celebrate together at all. Great thing for the city and I can’t wait until 2023 when we get to do it up bigger.


Interesting the spirit in Hamilton this year. When I came down to Hamilton for the weekend to take in Grey Cup festivities back in 1996 there was zilch football spirit in the city. I was disappointed.


that spirit has been around for a number of years now.

the Hamilton of old is not the Hamilton of today.

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