Meet the Team BBQ

I heard something on 900CHML about this today - what is the date and time please?

You heard it, you tell us lad. :smiley:

There is no community calendar or promo schedule on this web-site either.

Last year it was the Sunday after the last cuts. I am sure it will be the same thing this year. At their head office downtown.

There will be an official announcement released later but the BBQ will be taking place this Sunday, June 22nd at 2 pm at TigerTown Headquarters located on 1 Jarvis Street.

Please stay tuned for more details.

For any immediate questions, please contact me at (905) 547 2287 ext.251

Joe Gallagher

As per the front page announcement...

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are excited to present their fans with the second annual TigerTown Street Fest presented by Turtle Jack’s this Sunday, June 22 outside of the team’s downtown office at 1 Jarvis Street from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m..

Ticats players and coaches will be on hand from approximately 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. to meet fans, sign autographs, and pose for pictures. The players will arrive on a bus provided by HSR, who will once again provide free gameday bus transportation to fans with ticket to Ivor Wynne Stadium over the course of the 2008 season. Stripes and the Ticats Cheerleaders presented by The London Tap House will also be on hand to greet fans.

Turtle Jack’s will be on-site to provide delicious items from the barbeque and beverages to fans with proceeds donated to McMaster Children’s Hospital.

A live band, the Life of Riley, will play throughout the day while the TigerTown Store, located inside the office, will be stocked with the latest in Black and Gold fashion.

Thanks Joe

Please This year Please Have Guys in Jerseys and Please Introduce them on Stage..
Last year was way too informal.

. See ya There..

To add to Onknight's post, could you please have the players in NAMED jerseys? Since there are so many new faces, it would be nice to know who we are talking to.

As well, will there be an announcement of who actually made the team? The excuse last year was that it wouldn't be fair to those players that were there last year that were cut...

There's a chance that Mrs MadJack and I will be in attendance................besides meeting the players, we'd look forward to meeting many of the great Posters from this site!!!

Okay there's more than a chance; yes we will be there!

Nothing Full Meet and great at Ticats HQ..

My kids and I will be there for sure, Italy plays the SF game on Sunday at 2pm so I'm not sure if my boyfriend

We look forward to meeting many of you, when you see us make sure to say hi; just look for a middle aged guy with a pretty filipina.

Come on guys!!! Do you actually think, that cuts are made earlier that day, that they will have jerseys with names on them for this function. Man you guys floor me some times....morons

What a moronic post f-e-y. Do ya think that maybe something as simple as a "hello, my name is..." sticker might help? Or smething taped/pinned/sewn to the back of the jersey?

8) I hope bf is not there bg !!! :wink: Any cookies in the freezer ????? :lol:

Dear Mr./Mrs. Thinking before they type,

Please note that during the preseason ALL players names were on the backs of their game jerseys. All that would have to happen is a quick wash in the washers and then it could be possible.

Yours truly,
Mr. Moron

Sorry, but it looks like I'm more important than soccer. :wink:

PS. He does all the cooking so I don't hav eto make cookies anymore. :smiley:

I find it hard to believe that ANYTHING could be more important than soccer to an Italian when the Azzurri are playing....

Well, on reflection, maybe.......NAH!!!!

considering the forecast is 60-70% chance of this a "Rain or Shine" event? Is there a contingency plan just in case it does rain?