Meet The Team BBQ Pictures

I didn't get LOTS of pictures because it did rain for part of the proceedings.. but we had a lot of fun and very much enjoyed talking to the players, coaches and staff. Thanks to the organization for another fun day!!

Check out all the picture HERE

And a couple of teasers...

I posted a Short video on my Site ..including Photos.

Great Photos as Always caiteag

i dont know why but stripes really bugs me. TC Forever.

Great pics. Thanks for posting. By the way, you, Timmy Chang and Tony Miles have perfect teeth. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

Thanks Onknight and barney... :slight_smile:

All great pics.............and caiteag, you did not know it, but you got me and Mrs MadJack in that first teaser!!

We're standing on the curb, to the right of Ken Peters....Mrs MadJack is in the bluejeans with the bright yellow Ticats shirt, and has her hand on my shoulder.

Anyway, here's our pictures:

Please note that in all of them, Mrs MadJack is there but not I; take my word for it, she's one heck of a lot prettier than I am.

Thanks to all who posted pics.
They are great :thup:
Sorry we missed the BBQ, but we are certainly looking forward to Thursday.

Thanks for sharing your pics too, MadJack! :slight_smile:

Nice Pictures as always! :wink:

yeh thnks, i enjoyed looking at thm.... :cowboy:

8) Great pics there caiteag and MadJack, thanks a lot to both of you !!!!
 PS:  I agree MadJack, Mrs. MadJack is a lot prettier than you !!!!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Great pics guys. I didn't make it out. My girls aren't big fans of thunder

We looked for you, but figured you had decided to stay home because of the storms. Hopefully we'll catch up at the game on Thursday.

I have yet to hear anyone argue the point! Don't plan on holding my breath on that, either :smiley: