Meet the Players May 5

can anyone tell me what the dress code is for the meet the players function on May 5 at the convention centre.

Last year I wore a skirt and blouse. Tomorrow I will be wearing a dress. Nothing formal, but dressier than your average football event.

Edited to add: This is a picture from last year of me with both our wonderful mascots!

Last year I wore a [b]skirt and blouse[/b]. Tomorrow I will be wearing [b]a dress[/b].
Then I guess that [b]I[/b] won't be going. It sounds like I don't have a thing to wear. :oops:


If I was actually invited to go, I wear jeans and a Ticat jersey!

Depending on what size you are, I might have something cute you can borrow!! :wink: :lol:

I wore Ticats Jersey last year .
Some where suit and tie. some just a Dress Shirt and Dress Pants

No kilt Mark?

thanx to all who replied. I guess we’ll go semi-casual and fun. :rockin: