Meet the new Tiger-cats players and coaches on March 9th

Hamilton, Ontario - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are excited to announce that they will hold their first annual Tiger-Cats Kick-Off Bash at Hamilton Place on Wednesday, May 9th, 2007.

Since the conclusion of the 2006 CFL season, the Tiger-Cats have been busy. With the addition of a new coaching staff, new players, a new team president, and a new office, there are many questions that Ticats fans may have. This state of the franchise style event is designed to give season ticket holders and all fans an opportunity to ask Ticats management, coaching staff and players any question that they may have.

Caretaker Bob Young will be joined by Team President Scott Mitchell, General Manager Marcel Desjardins and Head Coach Charlie Taaffe. Special appearances will be made by a series of Ticats players including Corey Holmes, Jesse Lumsden, Jason Maas, Timmy Chang, Rob Hitchcock and many others.

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Nice idea. At what time on May 9th will the event begin?

As I cannot go back in time no matter how hard I try I will not be available on March 9th. If you know of a way please let me know. Thanks.

I hope every fan, ticket holder, reluctant past season ticket holder can make it out to the first annual Tiger-Cats Kick-Off Bash on Wednesday, May 9th.

A lot of time and effort will go into the planning of this event and we extend this invitation to every Ticats fan.

We hope the success of this event will become a tradition every single year. If you have any questions about this event, the upcoming season or any of the news released today feel free to give us a call, email or pm.

Kevin Walsh
905.547.2287 ext 239



At what time does the event begin?


At what time does the event begin?

The official start time for the Tiger-Cats Kick-Off Bash has not been decided, but it will take place in the evening.

Please stay tuned for an announcement regarding the starting time.


It'd be a great way to get feedback in person for whichever issues are items of curiosity.

I know Bob keeps in touch with the fans online here, but it is a selective feedback we get. I understand in person would be no differend but now we'll have a panel of Tiger-Cat personel to answer questions on any facet of the organization.

I for one would be interested in what if any discussions have taken place for the prospects of a new or upgraded stadium.

I must admit I don't think I have ever had an opportunity to attend an event like this involving the Ti-Cats. I'm looking forward to attending. I like the idea of being able to feel a part of the organization, and in my opinion and event like this will make a lot of people feel more involved in the Cats organization.

Kudos to our Caretaker and the Cats management for offering the fans an event like this. I really like the positive off field investments the Cats are making in the community.

Exciting times to be a Cats fan and a Hamiltonian.

Don't I get credit too for posting this event here?

I'm hoping to be there. :thup:

Why is it on a Wednesday? I think there would be a better turnout on the weekend.

You want credit for getting the date wrong?

go figure. :roll:

:lol: Too funny.

I'm hoping to be there.

I'm looking forward to this event. What a great idea!

Maybe we could wear one of those stickers with our board name on it. Even if we didn't meet up with anyone who's name we recognize it would sure make some of the folks wonder who the hell the guys with the wierd names are.I call myself bopp cuz that's what my grandson calls me.