Meet the New Boss !

11:00 min. Video of the press conference :thup: Coach Austin answers a lot of questions and after listening to him speak,
I am getting very excited !! :smiley:

Ticats coach and general manager Kent Austin says he expects the team to be successful right away.

Good video.

I like his manner… direct, enthusiastic, intelligent, articulate. Confident without being arrogant at all. I look forward to seeing him go to work.

Very impressed :thup: Sounds like a quality guy !

This is why, as much as I respect the level of talent in the AHL, I can't get into it, it's a farm team that is just that, nothing from the team itself to make it exciting and a winner. It's all just about being a farm team and that's too bad because I've heard Andlauer is a good owner. The guy should try and move onto a team and league where they actually draft players and GM's etc. Sounds like he deserves that but maybe just doesn't have the wallet to be in such a situation. The AHL to me without acting like a real league, is simply high high level pond hockey.

When I go to London and talk to my folks there, the Knights are more like the Cats, who is going to be drafted, who the coach is recruiting etc. Hamilton deserves this for hockey I think.

The AHL is like ho hum, great players but just going through the motions and only in Hamilton because someone in Montreal says that's where you go. :?

A pleasant blend of descriptive revelations come to mind during this interview..

amiable, approachable, personable, and authentic, with a linear focus on composite analysis and unequivocal expectations.

Austin appears to possess the complete package and a philosophy/approach to pull the reins of this franchise back to the respectability track.

*and as an additional assuage, a horseshoe in the underpants and daily rabbit's foot kiss can't hurt. :smiley:

ho hum ba humbug tier 2 etc :twisted: I will have an open mind and not get to excited about our new coach I was excited about the last two HC so above .500 next year the nomad year then I will be impressed other than that BA HUMBUG he seems like the cats a$$ of coaches :thup: GET ER DONEEEEEE

The Scratching Post has the entire Press Conference, it's 21:33 in length, but worth every minute :thup:

Cheers to a Great 2013 Season, and Oskee Wee Wee !

And Thanks Bob ! for your commitment to Winning a Grey Cup :thup:

Same as the old boss.

Won't get fooled again.

Seems to have a positive attitude going in but that's to be expected. I'm reserving judgement on this guy until the horses are out of the gate. As we all know, talk is cheap. One thing I noticed is that he seems more open than Cortez and actually answers questions instead of being evasive. Time will tell........but I like his tie.

Don't think Cortez was evasive as much as he didn't respect dumb questions as Drew Edwards pointed out in the scratchingpost. I kinda liked that.

This presser is like any other presser that introduces a new coach. Pretty cliched. Just look at last year's presser wih Cortez and Burris.

Everyone is happy cuz they just got a new high paying job.

Congratulations to Kent, who looked like he won the lottery, and good luck!

So here we are. Moving in a new direction again.
All I can say is....good luck Kent. :thup:
Also thanks to the Caretaker for making a tough financial and strategic decision once they knew Austin was available.
He will be a busy fella...three job titles. That relieves some of my fears about hiring so many new management people at the same time.
Let's hope this is the end of the "HC revolving door" for a long time.

The last time they hired an ex-Saskatchewan Grey Cup winning quarterback as HC, it worked out pretty well.....and fast too...!

This is a Great Video of Coach Kent Austin in 2007 Coach of the Year

Also sounds like he wants to develop talent and use them by treating them as though they are part of the team not just objects to stand on the sidelines. Maybe LeFevour and Porter might get to see some action. I liked his statement that if you are on the field you are a starter. Sounds like he will be a players coach. Hope he brings in a strong DC and someone who will be helpful as an OC.

Here is the Ticats Video of the one on one scrums after the press conference. A little different perspective. Sounds like a Great Guy :thup:

Beat me to it.

Once bitten, twice shy, that's understandable :expressionless:

"We're going to do things differently, offensively."
Is that what we really need to hear?

Other than that statement, I'd have to say that Austin handled himself and the media quite well.

Well, it will, he has his own system.

Well, it will, he has his own system.