Meet the Mayor, Jan 1st. Levee 2-4 pm City Hall

Mayor Bob Bratina invites you to join him for his New Year Levee.
Saturday January 1, 2011 City Hall, 2nd Floor 2-4 pm

This advertisement can be seen in The Spec, December 27th, 2010. Page A8

Well everyone, Bob has set the time, date and location of the “Save the Ticats Rally”
Saturday January 1, 2011 City Hall, 2nd Floor 2-4 pm
Now it’s just up to those who want the stadium and the Cats in Hamilton to show up!
A couple thousand people clogging the halls might do the trick…don’t expect to see the
Mayor, as in all good peaceful protests your presence is your statement!
Be nice and send one message KEEP THE CATS IN HAMILTON

You honestly belive this will make a difference. There has been enough rallies, the City doesnt give a shit about the Ti-Cats this has been proven. I still dont think the Cats will leave, its all political right now and no matter what we say or do, they will do as they please as always! They way to support this team is to buy season tickets and tickets to the game, you have to prove your loyalty, and to many people are talking the talk and it stops there. So get out and purchase tickets and TI-CAT clothing and wear you black and Gold proudly ALL YEAR ROUND!!
All the emails and rallies are not going to make a difference!
Sorry just my thought, and before anyone says anything, IM THE BIGGEST SUPPORTER OF THE TEAM! Ask anyone that know who I am!! :rockin:
Oskee Wee Wee and Boomer and I hope each and everyone has a safe and Happy New Years!!! :rockin:

This is a great oppurtunity to show Bob how much the Tiger-Cats mean to the City of HAMILTO?N, lets call this the first RALLY. Since it's a Holiday lots of people will be off and available to attend :thup: The next one will be January 12th when council meets for the FINAL vote !!

One problem with rallies is that to be successful they need to be FOR something. What would this one be FOR? A particular stadium site? Which one? A council vote to re-examine Confed Park? The CPR site? West Harbour? Any site except WH? To have the team please stay in Hamilton… somehow, somewhere, at some cost, details TBD?

I’m afraid I don’t see this idea gaining much traction or having much effect.

Pack the stadium every game. As Scott Mitchell has said, the TigerCats will be staying in Hamilton for the next few years regardless.

Does anyone know if it's a dry levee this year? can we drink?

Last year I drove my Chevy to the Levee but the Levee was dry.................

No I went last year and

"them good ole boys were drinkin whisky and rye"


The purpose of the rally is, as I wrote in my original post, to KEEP THE TICATS IN HAMILTON.
Show council through peaceful protest and sheer numbers that a large number of citizens of this
city value this team and see it's value to the city.

This is now a GOODBYE PARTY !!!! :lol: :rockin: :cowboy: :thup:

I can't attend in all good faith because I actually want the Aldershot location for a few reasons.

I am going ,with my Tiger-Cats gear on to show support either way !! :thup:

I will also be there with my kids...might even bring the wife.

But the levee is a tradition held in every city across Canada. I think there are people confusing the levee with a save the Tiger Cats in Hamilton rally.
If I was attending I would tell Bratina that there are too many positives about the Aldershot location and since there are no viable options in Hamilton and we support Aldershot.

Interesting you say that. I had never heard of a levee until this thread was started. How did I miss that all these years?

Mike, we aren't dealing with Mr. Eisenberger here. BB knows only too well the positives of Aldershot. He has a broader perspective of "community" than Eisenberger could ever dream to have. Not because of any extra smarts but because of his mindset that is more open to a broader vision than what Fred could appreciate.

And that is not to suggest Mr. Eisenberger is not an intelligent man, far from it. But like all human beings, he does have a mindset and grounding that can be difficult to change in anyone.

But Bratina voted in favour of WH.

He was part of the problem.

Granted he is now looking for a solution, but I think that horse left the barn long before this latest round of nonsense.

8) Maybe because you don't read the paper or listen to the radio ??? :wink: :lol:
 Actually the levee at Hamilton City Hall is usually an annual event on New Years Day.

 This year it is mainly for showing off Hamilton's new City Hall.

  The purpose is not for a TiCat rally !!!

I think if you go back, he and even FRED voted to consider Confed park. I am going to try and find out.

Brattina was opposed to Confed park.
Only Ferguson, Whitehead and Fred didn't want the site eliminated.

At the end of the hour long debate, councillors voted to remove Confederation Park from the location possibilities. That vote wasn’t recorded, but CATCH observed Eisenberger, Whitehead and Ferguson raising their hands against it. None asked to be recorded as opposed.