Meet the Als new safety: Tony Lezotte

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Tony LeZotte, FS, James Madison
Height: 6-0. Weight: 200.
40 Time: 4.57.
Projected Round: 6.
Tony LeZotte is known for his 100-yard interception return against Towson State. He's also renowned for his toughness and ability to play through numerous injuries. His 40, however, won't do him any favors.

Heh! Beat Herb to the punch :slight_smile:

It's true that good ole Herb did not have a scoop on Lezotte. Even RDS had it on their site several hours ago (how could they know about it, it is not hockey related...):

He looks like a good roll of the dice. He should be invited to training camp. But, as Boulay's replacement, he is underwhelming. Boulay has proven he can be a star safety in the CFL. Boulay ran a 4.5 40 yard dash at the CFL combine (the CFL E camp has a slow field). He recently ran a 4.3 for the New York Jets (he might be a starting corner for the Jets).
OH, and he is Canadian, so that helps with a little thing called the import- non import ratio. Let us not even talk about the fact that he is a great ambassador and that he speaks both french and english.

I have nothing against Lezotte, a 4.57 40 runner, but safety in the CFL is usually played by a Canadian. he is not as good as Boulay, and he will take an import spot a Canadian position. The Als are weakened 2 ways...
How do I know he is not that good? If he was that good, he would be up for a cornerback spot (not safety).

We aren't getting Boulay back I don't think. The Jets haven't drafted or signed any safeties, this tells me they are happy with Boulay.

Lezotte is a a play maker and will do very well imo. It probably means Proux also won't be returning and starting his law carreer.

Don't worry Als have plenty of NI depth. Even without Boulay coming back they have added

James Judges
Jeff Keeping
Shea Emry
Donovan Carter (Probable)
Terrence Firr