Meet some of your virtual friends !

I finally got my pictures developped. The ones from my trip in the West that is.

Behold, you will get to see what some of your virtual friends really look like...

[suspense music playing in the background]


I'd let you guess who that man at my right is, but I believe it wouldn't be to hard to figure it out. Yes, that dude is Yeast#5. He was officially the first Huddlite I met.


Here he is, in all his Glory: RedandWhite. The man who makes your day-to-day job less boring with his ever funny and witty posts.

Hey R&W, remember right after we took this picture, you told me how you were considering coming to Montreal to see the Stamps play in the Eastern semifinal? How things have changed in only a few weeks. Enjoy you home playoff game.


Get to know SaskEsksFan. Another one of our easygoing friends on the huddle. Unfortunately, we haven't had the chance to speak much because the game was on and we were pretty much blocking the view of others. But I could still meet him and his friendly wife. Friendly people.


Okay. Dais isn't really a huddle member. But she insisted so badly to have her picture taken with me that I couldn't say no. She offered me to go for a coffee after the game and maybe something else. I told her I couldn't go because I had a flight to take. I wonder what she meant by "something else"... hmmm...


Final day of my trip: back to Montreal. No that guy isn't the Fritos fan of the day. He's the very knowledgeable XGamer. He's a season ticket holder and so am I, but we are usually separated by 12 sections so we never met before that day. We should meet again. Maybe this Sunday at his tailgating invite.


Finally, this is my dog Sancho. He was supposed to be part of the trip, but he's more of a Habs fan and his interest in the Als dropped once the hockey season resumed. Fairweather fan !...

It looks like you had a good time…thanks for the pictures!

The images don't show up on this computer (I'm on my moms at the moment), Hopfully on my computer they should show up.

Dang. I put them on Geocities, and after they were viewed about 15 times it said the data transfer was busted. That's why they don't show up anymore. I guess the limit allocated is reseted daily. At least, I hope so.

Any suggestions on where I could upload the files to so that this problem would be avoided?


I use it all the time for this site

Nice work Third! Good to put some faces to the names we see on here.

Maybe you'll get to catch up with some of us Argo posters in Toronto next weekend.

Those are some pretty sweet pics. Thanks!

(that Ti-Cats fan is one hot lookin' guy!)

It might seem like a wild stab in the dark, but I'm gonna guess that since she learned that you're from Montreal, she wanted to see how fluent you were in the "French tongue"? :twisted: :lol:

Great photos. Thanks for sharing them.

You guys are all old. :wink:

Newby here.
Nice pics.
You should have postponed your flight!!!!


Man, you must be quite young. I'm only 28. Rarely do I get called "old".


can't view the pics - any suggestions????

awsome pics!

Speaking of trips....My trip to Montreal is just about here. I am heading back east to N.Y. to meet up with some friends this coming week and on Friday morning,we are heading north for a weekend of partying.

It's the twentieth anniversary of our first trip and we plan on having a GREAT time. Will probably hit what was our usual spots such as "Charlies American Pub" "Cheers" and that Italian restaurent (can't remember name) on St. Denis st. Napolies??maybe??

Would love to meet some other Al's fans while up there.

Good pics! nice to see how ugly some of you really look! LOL j/k

Great Pictures.

Sounds like a trip of the lifetime. Lionbacker, next time you do your trip pack your camera with you!


Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.

What's up with the cheerleader? I guess it's true that women are suckers for a man with an accent. :smiley:

nice dog…good to see Sancho knows more about hockey then he does about football