Meet casey printers (possibly)!

That is, if he is still with the cats. :lol:

Pulled this off bestbuys online flyer:

I feel bad for Casey.

Hopefully they aren't sticking him in a dunk tank...

The first 250 people in line will meet Casey?

Is there a separate line for Casey or is it the first 250 in line to pay for purchases?

I have a feeling there won't be a line up for him and there won't be 250 people.

Bestbuy sucks anyways, futureshop is much better.

Unfortunately they are the same thing. Best Buy bought Future Shop about 3 years ago. They are not turning a lot of Future Shops into Best Buys (Meadowlands). They are keeping some Future Shops open as it has a brand recognition in Canada.

so jokes...

I know that bestbuy owns futureshop, but futureshop has alot of better products for some reason, the only thing that bestbuy has that is better is car audio (alpine woohoo) and TV's. Futureshop is where its at.

You realize that's next week, right?? Why on earth wouldn't Casey be with us then??

Give the guy a break. The fact that he's still going out to meet the fans with all the crap he's been taking around here at least earns the guy a little appreciation :roll:

they didnt change future shop into future shop they moved future shop over to the walmart plaza at wilson in ancaster

Even though the parent company owns Future Shop... they are still run by 2 different organizations, different staffing styles, different senior management, different pricing on similar products. They are far from the same thing.... Best Buy's policies are completely different when it comes to commissions and customer service.

You want to see something really scary, go on line and check out Best Buys return policy. You will not buy a thing from there again. Any purchase over $200.00 that is returned, there is a 15% restocking fee, plus they do not give you the rest in cash, you have to wait minimun 2 weeks for them to send you a cheque. Work that out on say a $2000.00 computer. Good luck