Meet and Greet...It's time has come

Fine here, just say where and when and both I and Mrs. MadJack will be there. Mrs. MadJack never posts in here, and being a filipina who has only been in Canada for about 5 years she isn't as knowledgeable as most of you are about CFL football, and the storied history of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, but I expect you will all cut her some slack on that....after all, she's a heck of a lot prettier than I am.

I say we all meet in the OCTAGON!!!!!!!

If I can post something that may be of sone help, I'll gladly contribute some advice.

A few years ago (Year #1 of the Bob Young Regime), we formed a "meet and greet" committee off this website whereby we ran a series of events over a few years which culminated in the "Big Event" at Boston Pizza on Upper James which we dubbed the "Tsunami Relief" event with our "Red Cross" partners..we raised $1,000 after expenses in a few hours....

Other partners we incorporated into our event was the Tiger-Cats front office (incredible support), the football operations side (GM and coaches and staff), the Tiger-Cats Alumni Association, the Cats Claws fan club, players from the current team and every era backwards to the 1940's, (at least 30 legends from all eras...tons of Hall of Famers and Grey Cup rings), Boston Pizza, radio stations from as far away as the Fan590 in Toronto (Mike Hogan).....right down to PigSkinPete and his family....and the guest of honour as always?..Bev Lancaster! buddy!....ok, she dragged Ron out too! kidding....they both loved attending and had a blast!

We..... "Vinny", "ChattyCat", "Karen", "PatCat" and myself as well as the other many contributors and volunteers set the bar real high for Ticats fans a few years ago.......and we sit back and expect the new "meet and greet" committee to do even better than we did!!..Good Luck Tom! I'm sure you will do a great job!

You now have the torch!

Form a solid committee first and solidify your partners and your detailed plan before you announce a thing....... and keep it professional and family oriented.
Start unique traditions as well as incorporating the old....



(I'll be glad to add some ideas for you in private.....but make sure you put your own stamp on top of the stamp we laid down....your ideas have to shine through too!)

Or we just pick a place and time and quaff a few, either way I am in!

hahahaha..sorry, but I love reading this "beetlejuice" guy's posts ...he also has a simpler idea than my complicated version....... lmao!

this guy cracks me up when i always need it most.... :lol: :smiley: :smiley:

I like the endzone My Self Great Food .
The Ticats hold event there often.

I am looking for people to help set up this Meet and greet.

I can't do it alone.

I need 4 people..

I am thinking We should do two prise Draws.
With the Money going to Mac's Sick Kids.
Maybe a Live band..


Step 1 ...assemble your committee with as many varied talents as possible that will help your marketing, planning, media/print advertising, good contacts, event day set-up, decoration and co-ordination....etc..etc....

Step 2.... formulate your plan in detail (costs, goals, pitfalls, theme of event, charity to benefit etc)...get necessary permissions

Step 3.....identify the partners you need including celebrities/personalities you need to attract the public at large

step 4 ...approach the potential partners with your plan and ultimate goal...get solid commitments and donations as well as their expectations for acknowledgement (if any)..give it anyhow !!!

srep 5..establish a code of conduct, behaviour and fund-raising protocol/methods and money handling/accountability

step 5.... launch project through various media (radio, internet, TV etc)......invite them also

step 6 .....canvass for volunteers for the day of the event..and delegate responsibilities.identify and utilize various strengths and talents.......treat volunteers like gold...cause they are!!

step 7.....go to Step #1 and realize this is at least a month long project....don't kid yourself....

step 8.......don't plan it on this message board step by it by committee in private and only announce the final product/event when it's ready to go....

step 9.......cherish the experience...and have fun ! can do it!!


I don't know if the will count but....

I'm having a large pregame party before the Toronto Rock game on Jan 26th. It's part of my Lacrosse Fans Fighting Cancer campaign.

All Ticat fans are welcome to join the party and then go to the game and get a peace of the Rock.

It's an open bar with a donation to the Wellspring Cancer Centre.

I can also get decent tickets for $10 off the face value if you want to hit the game too.

For details time and location pm me!

Hope you join us!

Thanks, and please just call me Beet, my friends do so why not you too? I think the last meet and greet i was at was put together by tigger I think? upstairs at a pub and it was a fun night for all with some good food, fun, videos and of course boreham girl dancing her little heart away on the table at the end of the night to cap it off!! Not sure who ran it but like I said I think it was tigger, it was fun for all!!

I like all of the ideas I've read here, and I'm in, no matter what.

The idea of meeting folks face to face and spending a pleasant evening together is very appealing to me.

Same here count me in lads. :thup: :smiley:

I don’t planning if have help.
I am not going to do it unless I do
a Meet and Greet to be good takes planing and time.

May I suggest...#1 is Draft mb03 :lol: :thup:

Go for the experience! :rockin:

Please look at Sunday Feb 24th and use Boston Pizza,on the mountain, where we were before. We know what to expect does Boston Pizza! They have that semi-private room on the right side as you go in.

The 24th is the weekend after the new "family day long weekend" and I can't think of anything conflicting that weekend!

I would be willing to come down the night before, stay over and help with any last minute preparations.

Agree on a date and time and place...make it happen..things will fall into place! :wink: :thup:

Thanks Woody, but no thanks 8) was a great experience to be involved with our original committee and all the fans but oneonly has a shelf life for solong before it becomes time for fresh people with newer and better ideas to build on what was started. And besides, that was before more of my kids came to live with me...they've worn me down.... :frowning:

At any rate, I just thought I'd give Tom a template of sorts that we developed as we went along. I know it's rather lengthy but it may help him and his committee should he decide to do this.

I always loved seeing Ticat fans, players, coaches, alumni and other office staff get together for three of four hours of friendship, fun and great chat.....heck, we even had sone Argo fans join in too! :lol:

Good Luck with this.....I hope these things get revived and prove to be better than ever.


Why is it that these things always seem to happen on the same day as a Dogs game or when I'm on vacation. In this case its both :cry:

The date isn't carved in stone at all! I just suggested a Sunday afternoon in Feb. (the 24th)

It's totally open for discussion, I just felt that that was a neutral day. Perhaps a week later would work better???

Sundays are better for us from out of town...(I'm driving 162ks one way...Wilf 700ks )particularly also for those that work on Saturdays!

If we keep the discussion open on this, I'm sure over the course of the next week we could get a date set and then work from there.

I'm on holidays starting tomorrow...Raleigh/Myrtle Beach/Atlanta then home on Jan 27th!

I may even check out WVU on the way down :lol: With all this talk of "Mountaineers" lately..."what's the buzz"! :wink:

I agree weekends seem to work for the largest number of people Woody. I don't expect anyone to move the date just for me but it is frustrating that I always seem to have plans the day one of these events takes place. I would suggest though that the Dogs sched should be consulted before setting a date as there are quite a number of fans that attend both Cats and Dogs games

People....I hate to keep posting on this thread but please take a word of advice.....until a person steps forward with a committee behind him/her with a definitive statement that says they are committed to a "meet and greet" and are seeking ideas of what the best date should be, all this conjecture is hurting the chances of it happening because fans get confused....and eventually frustrated..... step at a time is the way to go ......I've supplied the template for those who might organize this so they can poach some charge!...:lol:

I can not be involved this time and don't know if others from the original committee wish to, but until a basic committee gets formed, my best advice is to drop the issue so it doesn't spin out of control.....and start from scratch very quietly at first and get a few ducks in order....

8)'s another piece of advice we learned.....The Tiger-Cats is a professional organization and we learned quickly that in order to secure their support for our ideas/events, we had to make sure they were well represented in a slick, professional way which bolstered their image and when we did that, they opened the vaults to us as far as support and help from within their stable of executives/expertise who could assist us. This is the way it should be and we saw that.....and learned tons from them as far as organizational stuff goes...and the reality of the entertainment business.....both sides benefited...and we lapped it up with gratitude.....I can't speak for the current Ticat front office but that's the way the office helped us in 2004/2005.

Just another tidbit of advice to share....


bah, just pick a date that works for most and a place that works for most and a time that works for most and we have a night out. Commitees? business? expertise? organization? cmon, we can all just go somewhere and have a few cant we? we pick a date, pick a place, get a loose head count to let them know and see if they can handle us and off we go.........keep it simple and forget about it being the greatest event ever, its a meet and greet....thats all, all this will end up doing is complicating it when we just wanna put faces to names and enjoy a few drinks while talking ticats.

Yup....and that's good too if the goal is to get a few fans together to drink a few beers at a watering hole .....we can arrange that within an hour.... :rockin: