Meet and Greet...It's time has come

It truly is time that we had a Meet and Greet.

Over the past couple of days we have been more involved in the Ticats' fortunes than in recent months. In the past three days I have got an insight into the thoughts and sentiments of members whom I formerly knew only by their 'handle'.

Are there any of you out there who could get the ball rolling on something? I would dearly love to put a face to some of those people whose opinions I have been reading. It would make for some fascinating conversations!

I agree Feb Would Great Time to do one

Can't be there in the flesh, Wilf, but I'll be there in spirit.

Contrary to some unconfirmed reports, my likeness cannot be found on posters at the post office. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Putting a face to me? ... y28.07.jpg <<< Exhibit A or AGGGGGGGGGGGGH, as you prefer. LOL

Viewer discretion IS advised. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Wilf, you are one of the people from this site I have always wanted to meet (and I'm my bf would agree with that as well). I would love to attend, but I will be having knee surgery next week so I'm not sure how long I'll be laid up for. Shouldn't be more than a few weeks so late Feb would be good for us.

If you are willing to have it in Vancouver I would love to come.


Having had the pleasure of meeting Wilf at one of the Meet and Greets way back when (was it Feb 04?) AND being a guest at his place in Elliot Lake...let me add that I think it would be a Great Idea!

Some times the conversation here gets lost without the benefit of a face and body language and the tone of voice!'s fun...finally meeting people you have chatted with and finding out what they look like in person!

Aside from her sweetness and intellect, she's also a wonderful empath. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: As my best half says, we would relish any opportunity to meet you, Wilf. I suppose it would give us a chance to meet a few others from the site as well. :smiley: If it occurs at the right time, we'll be there!

borehamgirl, you are addressing me under a misconception.

In this situation, I am an instigator, not a facilitator. As you know I live 7 hours drive away from Hamilton. I couldn't possibly have a hand in organizing a Meet and Greet. I use the coward's way, suggesting that somebody else do the work.

I know that organizing such a gathering is a daunting task. I would happily help financially, and definitely attend, if it occurs. I would love to meet you, Mark, crash, woody, and many others. (Even your boyfriend, Gargle, Gaggle, Giggle, whatshisname.)

In this, I'm just a fisherman throwing out the bait and watching to see if there are any bites!

Whoever wants to set this up count me in....I do like returning to my old hometown and would love to meet many of you.

Wilf you are in Elliot Lake? I go fishing up north of there quite frequently!!

I think it would be a lot of fun...the only one I've been to is the 13thman/ArgoFan M&G during Grey Cup weekend and it was a hoot :rockin:

Id also like to attend . Id like to meet Mean face to face .... lol .... Im sure there would be alot of interesting conversations .

If its in hamilton I am sure my attendant wouldnt mind bringing me there.

That is the neat thing about meeting face to face. Differences seem trivial when we are bound by the love of the Ticats and THE GAME!

Lets DO IT! It's TIME! :wink:

hamilton in mid feb would be great. i might even buy tom a beer or two. who knows maybe i might even dance on a table :wink:

i thought you had a fee for public appearances?

You may just have PUSHED me off the FENCE, habdude.

Despite FEARS that my IMAGE as a surly, SOB, BLOW HARD will be SHATTERED, I will take the time to GRACE you all with my presence.

I look forward to talking to those who I have PREVIOUSLY met, as well as meeting ALL those with whom the PLEASURE has not yet been EXPERIENCED ...

To cyber ALLIES, and NEMESISes, alike - I'll be the guy in the corner YELLING every third or fourth RANDOM word I utter ... don't be shy, just say hi!


P.S For those who need an EXPLANATION - that last part about YELLING - was a JOKE.

P.P.S Ron from T Town ... break your SILENCE and tell us ALL you will be there ! Et tu Ockham ?

Rest assured that Ronfromtigertown would be there. He was at the last one a few years ago. I had the pleasure of meeting him then.
He would surely not pass up the chance to attend again and experience the thrill of meeting both thee and me.

Thats a milestone to be remembered!

Very, very true, Wilf.

I will be down south until the middle of February though.


If it is around St. Valentine's Day,

and I am allowed to sell roses
out front in the parking lot

and you guys find the kindness
in your hearts to buy a rose

and give it as a peace offering
to posters you may have offended,

[and that includes me]

I will be well on my way
to a veritable fortune,

especially, if you guys do
what prudent married men do,

when they are not sure
what they did wrong

they give roses to their ladies,
anyways, to prevent any hassles.

Well Set Find a Venue and set a date

How is Saturday the 23rd of Feb.

We still set and time and a Place

Mean im in and if im not working would love to meet u .