Meet and Greet After The Black and Gold Game ?

Sunday, June 8th 04:10 PM - 05:00 PM
Pre-Black and Gold Scrimmage practice

Sunday, June 8th 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Black and Gold Scrimmage

I think we should have Informal Meet and Greet at Boston Pizza 7-9 PM June 8

Who would want to Come ?
The Boston Pizza is at 1563 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON

Can you get me a ride......just kidding

I would, it'd be nice. :slight_smile:

Are you sure you have a ride? Remember that on Sundays they have a limited schedule.

oh for get the idea then…
if want you be that way forget it …
I won’t Waist my Time.

it's not such a bad idea. you weren't at the meet and greet yesterday Tom?

Ya did not have Money to go.
Just had enough to go QB Challenge and get back home.