Medoicrity.... Shoud Rider Fans Be Happy?

I took this from a old thread I had started when I first came here:

Fans go crazy when this team finsishes 9-9 or 11-7, and i just shake my head at that, as that is a medoicre record. Too many fans are too willing to accept this, and they should demand more from this team

An article on the front page of the Regina Leader-Post was titled "Mediocre", and there was a whole section dedicated to this topic. The poll found that the 48% per cent of Riders fans expected 7 to 10 games, but 40.3% of fans expected 11 to 14 wins. My question is- Should rider fans be happy with a medoicre record?

OK, my vote was no, we should expect more

With the team they have this year, Rider fans should be happy if they go 9 and 9 this year.

…too much being read into one game…Sask steps into the BC Lion den with maybe big heads after keeping the Mighty(?) EEs TD starved for the two preseason games against a BC offence that literally schooled the Calgary D a week before…seriously, what did you think would happen?..that Sask would hold DD to no TDs?..get real…maybe ask this question after a couple of games, then you’ll have a better read on things…

Riders looked really good against EE in the preseason, but I'm wondering if that was cuz EE will do bad this season, or the Riders just suck, by the end of the day I'll know the awneser.

But if you don't count the preseason, the Riders did pretty much jack during the preseason, only getting players from the Ottawa Draft (Ottawa only finishing 7th last season, OUT of the finals), with that in mind, they should be content with 7 and 11, and barley making the playoffs or being out completely.

What the heck was Shivers doing berating his players on the side line. The only way the Riders are going to go from medicore to success is get rid of side show Roy! The players do not need a clown telling them they need to excute better! That has to be embarassing for the players.

You have to remember RW, that this survey was done BEFORE the season even started, it was conducted in May and published on Game Day. It has nothing to do with the 1st game, I would have started this thread even if the Riders had won in BC.

You are right. It should be the coach telling them to execute better. The GM should demand it from the coach or get rid of him, but he does neither.

But the effort the Roughriders put out there last night is typical. A team that has won virtually nothing over the last 30 years gets overconfident because they shut down a reloading Edmonton team in the pre-season. Regina is a haven for players who don’t want to be held accountable.

The Rider fans need to quit bitching, 11-7 is a whole lot better than what the Detroit Lions could ever dream of.

Let's get one thing clear. It was One Game.....Out of 17 in the season. I was surprise the Riders seem to play like their gameplan was last year, So i am hopeful things will pick up

Sambo, I agree with what your trying to get at but I also think you maybe are guilty of having a little bit of a short term memory.

I personally would love to win 12 or 13 games a year. But after sitting through the Al ford era of the 90’s im just happy to be seeing some good exciting football on a regular basis(last night not included).

I think it’s all right for our expectations rise but we still have to realize we’re in a place where not a lot of people would pick to play. Shivers and Barret have actually done a pretty good job of turning this mentality around and Im just happy now i can atleast feel a little emotion when we lose its no longer common place

The 1st Rider game went exactly as I suspected. The Riders sucked as per usual.

Riders were the weakest team in week 1, without a doubt. They are going to have to make major improvements in order to avoid the same outcome next week.

For all you tards mentioning pre-season games, you've obiously not watched much football. PRE-SEASON MEANS NOTHING.

[quote="K-KBBAP"]Riders looked really good against EE in the preseason, but I'm wondering if that was cuz EE will do bad this season, or the Riders just ****, by the end of the day I'll know the awneser.[quote]

I now know the answer, although the games isn't over, EE is losing by 3 points, so Riders and EE aren't very strong this season.

With 7 turnovers and Calgary only getting two touchdowns the Esks defence showed why they are the #1 defence in the league.

BB are in a close second, EE only beat them out by 24 points, and the BB’s D was winning the game for them until the 4th quarter.

It was ONE game, and the first full game for most of the players. It sure wasn't a very good game from the Riders side of things granted, but you have to have faith. Everybody had the Oilers written off a week ago too...

as a rider fan I expect every time they step on the field for the players and coaches to give 110% remember the other team is playing to win as well so you have to be able to walk the walk NOT TALK THE TALK like the riders players and COACH BARRET

1 question ???
how many changes on defense
A 1
B 2
C 3
isnt the rider defense rated as one of the best
so where were they ? ? ? ? ?

Normally the GM gets players he thinks are good and passes them on to his coach for him to teach them to play as a team. The players expect to get their instructions from the coach and the coach expects to have cntrol of the players. When the GM decides to take the coaches place the whole system breaks down. Mr. Shivers might want to either stay away or start coaching. Simple, yes? Other teams think so.

EE, I disagree with you, I think the Eskimoes looked far worse than the Riders. 7 turnovers. The only reason the score was so close was that Burris was inept on Saturday and I think Calgary's egos got to them early. I would worry far more over your chances of success this year than the Riders.