Medlock's Punting !?!?

He is having a series problems with punting into the wind, hangs it up way too long and his directional kicking to the coffin corner is non existent ! After watching Sean White from Montreal, Medlocks needs to improve in this category !! It's causing the Ticats to lose series field position !! :thdn: :thdn: Lots of room for improvement !

On a good note his field goal kicking is very good :thup:

I dont agree that its that bad.

Its not that bad and just like many around here threads are started for no reason

Did anyone see Sean White's punting yesterday ? that guy was Money :thup: pretty much won them the game on his punting alone :thup: :thup:

Hang time can be very good at times…makes coverage allot easier.

according to my calculations for 2014(not including against the wind stats) Medlock is tied for the bottom with an avg 34.8 yds per.
League avg is 37.0 without him and 36.8 with him.

Is he making big bucks?

It's not the fact that he has the lowest average, it's the way he punts, not much coffin corner or directional punting, especially into the wind !?

8) Yes, Medlock is making big bucks !!

he has the most punts inside the 20 and his punting style might be conditional to the coverage that jeff reinbold has wanted will will never know

pretty sure longest punt wins a prize and if his directional punting is poor as stated above ,then perhaps we should be looking elsewhere.

BTW,his punting avg this year is the lowest of his career.

I think to the coffin corner is a little better than trying to trap the returner, less chance of a return and players getting hurt :thup:

I think the ideal situation would have been if we could have retained Josh Bartell for punting and left Medlock to concentrate on kicking. But the punt coverage has been really good this year so the extra 5 yards or so that Bartell would get on distance doesn't matter that much.

League net punting statistics are at:

[url=] ... /year/2014[/url]

Medlock is at 35, Whyte 36, Bartel 35. Maher and Waters are at 38. Maver stands out at 43. BTW, Whyte's kicking is miles better than last year: I don't know what he did during the off season but it has turned an Als weakness into a strength.

It's not about the extra 5 yards, it's about directional kicking, pinning the team within the 5 to 10 yard line !! kicking the ball out of bounds so there is no return !!

Swayze Waters can kick directionally also and pin you deep but he can do it from much farther back. It doesn't hurt to have a stronger leg for punting.

So I take it Whyte did a great job punting into the wind ... at Skydome?

Ya some idiot opened the North/West door causing a major breeze :roll:

FWIR, Medlock also has the most punts inside the opponent's 20, and the best net-yds per punt. This would mean that the hang-time allows the coverage to negate any return.

Lets have a big cheer here for the kick/punt coverage team! Outstanding work guys, keep it up

I too, am unimpressed by his punting.Every punter should be able to kick the ball 65 yards plus when they are not worrying about hang time but Medoc when kicking from deep in his own zone routinely kicks a max of 35,40 yds.
His kickoffs tend not to be the strongest .Certainly no complaints with his place kicks!