Medlock Update with NFL Panthers

Also, they would not have had Forsberg either. He was acquired in the trade that sent Lindros to Philadelphia.

Yeah, I guess I was harsh.
But it just seem like a bit of a backhanded compliment.
The whole negotiating over $5000 & playing under that contract until he 31.

Medlock's an American with the talent and aspirations to play in the mighty juggernaut that is the NFL. Oh yeah and a substantially higher salary helps his ambitions also. :wink: Really, who can blame the guy?

As a die hard CFL fan, if I was stuck in a CFL contract that would take me past my prime while I knew that the NFL was calling, it would eat me up inside. And it has nothing at all to do with being super rich, and everything to do with not having to sell insurance when I'm done.

I recall watching him on the sidelines a couple time last year and I've never seen somebody spend so much time working on his stuff during the game as Medlock. He's worked as hard as anybody to get there and I hope to never see his face in the CFL again :smiley:

For sure. No knock at all towards the CFL, in fact any player who comes up here to play in the first place, regardless if it's their sole ambition to get to the NFL, is paying a huge compliment to our league by saying that I can become a better player playing in the CFL and possibly get a chance or another chance for the big money in the NFL. If the CFL wasn't a good enough league to develop and showcase your talent, no one would come up here other than those totally desperate that have no chance of making money doing anything for the rest of their lives except flipping burgers or washing cars type of thing.

another update (from Drew)

[b] former Ticat kicker Justin Medlock hit a 48-yard field goal in Carolina's 26-13 loss to Houston on Saturday. Medlock is battling veteran Olindo Mare for a spot on the Panthers.[/b]
Medlock appears to be outperforming Mare for the coveted spot, and could very well stick this time.