Medlock to NFL!

From Drew Edwards twitter account

#Ticats team sources confirm that K/P Justin Medlock has informed them he's signing with Carolina of the #NFL.

Good luck to him I really hope he can make it this time.

Oh boy what do we do now?

Hey, Obie, ya got Nick Setta on speed-dial?

Wonderful. Keeping him instead of Wilbur was a stroke of genius. :roll:

Oh well. Moving right along. We need to find someone else.

Good luck to Medlock but he knows they don't like left-footed kickers in the NFL. As for available kickers, Luca Congi quickly comes to mind or maybe a trade for Rob Maver in Calgary who seem to want Paredes as their kicker.

Please Obie-Wan no luca please.

In his healthy days, I remember him struggling to hit 47 yard fieldgoals in warmups at Ivor Wynne when the green goblins came to town.

Maver is a punter first, kicker second......maybe if we traded for maver, he could punt and Maveety gets his act together and kicks like Parades or Whyte did in their rookie campaigns.

I am shedding a tear for the loss of King Medlock of Fremont..... :cry:

He's already been cut by 4 different NFL teams, also by Toronto and traded by Edmonton. You would think that given the opportunity he would want to settle in with one team and make a real name for himself.

Oh well, nothing you can do. The team got worse today, that's for sure. Those are some big shoes to fill.


All the best to him, life goes on, have to find someone else.

We never should have released Wilbur. His punting was stellar and he was improving dramatically as a place kicker. I liked his toughness since he wasn't afraid to make tackles if a returner broke through. Marcel and Obie should have been thinking long-term with the Wilbur/Medlock decision.

Wilbur was entering his second season, meaning had he been our kicker and had the season Medlock did, he would likely be bolting to the NFL as well. Keeping Medlock over Wilbur was not a mistake.

yes, it may be wise to give Nick a call/tryout as he is a more than formidable kicker when healthy.

Question is, will he suspend his health conditioning business for another shot in the CFL? :?

FA Roughrider Eddie Johnson is available.....

I am sure that somewhere in the world of football there is someone capable of handling our kicking duties.. and all will be well again! :rockin:

That seems to be the CFL's achilles heal. You want your players to excel, but if they perform TOO WELL, then you may lose them to the NFL machine, like Hickman, McIntyre, Medlock, Wake, Browner. etc.

I know they made the right choice at the time (although it was a close race), but it's such a kick in the chops that we cut a capable guy like Wilbur and ended up with zipo

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Sweet, according to that article we won the Grey Cup last year. Who knew? :thup:

"...Grey Cup champion Hamilton Tiger-Cats..."
Yeah, that was great, wasn't it? :wink: (This year....)

He will definitely be missed, maybe more than any of the others that have headed south the last couple of years. But I'm sure we'll find someone to replace him who can handle the IWS winds for a year.

Or we just depend on our offence to punch it in instead?

[b]The left-footed Medlock made 49-of-55 field goals for the Grey Cup champion Hamilton Tiger-Cats last season.[/b]
dag nabitt! I missed the parade. :cry:

This makes me very sad but i wish him luck in the NFL, He is a hell of a kicker and will not be replaced easily.