Medlock signs with Redskins

Medlock has been signed:

Too bad but not surprised, he was a bright spot on a poor Argo team last year. I'm sure Rita & Co. can find another.

Is that guy who started the season as kicker still under contract with the Argos (the guy who was hurt in the season opener)?

Eddie Johnson was the kicker, I think he is under contract. not sure how his injury is.

He played in a game later in the season (remember when Andrus dressed him and Medlock for a game :roll: ) so it would seem to be okay. I wasn't sure if he was released at the end of the season or kept on.

Giancola is looking for employment. Maybe he'll get a look, or even Nick Setta.

The Argo could also go after Troy Westwood, that would make Rider fans living in Toronto happy.

Oh no. Jason Medlock is gone.
To me kickers come a dime a dozen.
Jason Medlock didn't sell one extra ticket to any game he appeared in.
Good luck to him down there, but he won't be missed.

Its Justin. At least get the man's name correct.

Ricky Foley signed with seattle tonight as well.

Great kickers are not easy to find, Medlock's job was not to sell tickets, but to kick FG's, any time a team loses a player with his talent, that player will be missed.

Medlock to my knowledge didn't miss many kicks (if any) last season, IMO he was one of the best players on the team last season...

Great kickers are not easy to find
I don't agree that they are a "dime a dozen" and here are some insights and stats via the CFL and NFL sites to prove it as well, which please view them yourselves if in doubt ... and how to the quote above for sure here south of the border at all levels of the game not to mention solid punters ...I write also as an accomplished amateur with kicking skills for rugby, football, and soccer as well.

No doubt, I feel now perhaps akin to the comments of The Chief Lord on another post on woeful kicking during the NFL playoffs, that the drought of reliable kickers in all football is about as much as even for solid quarterbacks these days. Strangely the ranks of quality defensive linemen are also thinning too, or perhaps we just have better offensive linemen than ever?

If you have tried yourself to kick goals either in rugby or football, perhaps you have noted too how from 40-yards and beyond, accuracy is exponentially more challenging for place kicks and moreso for drop-kicks (yes I practise and convert those mostly "just for kicks" too). I don't know why 40 yards or so is so special, but that's just how it works out when you do it yourself or review the stats for accuracy.

At the NFL and CFL level, accuracy less than 75% from 40-49 yards seems to be about the current acceptable minimum not counting blocks, bad snaps, bad holds, and other non-kicking errors. Too bad many of those are tallied as misses also after the kicker strikes some of those misplaced balls errantly instead of just not kicking them, as really such misses are not the fault of the kicker.

Then kickers who can hit 50%+ from 50 yards or more are a bonus if on the borderline at the lower yardage. Believe it or not, strangely in some cases it almost seems easier for some of the stronger-legged kickers to miss wide via a hook of the kick from shorter distance near 40 yards than from 50 yards. Remember Neil Rackers of the Cardinals at the end of that classic playoff game against the Packers? I've seen it happen regularly in kicking competitions for college kickers bound for the NFL.

Most importantly however is a kicker's track record "in the clutch" it seems. For example, it was Nate Kaeding of San Diego who statistically was the best kicker in the NFL last season but failed miserably enough in the playoffs to lose the game for the Chargers by missing 3 field goals with 2 that he had no excuse for missing (one was a long 57-yarder that fell short at the end of the first half).

Contrast Kaeding to Lawrence Tynes two years ago, who missed two field goals late in the game for his then future champion New York Giants, but then kicked one in the bitter cold of Green Bay from 47-yards to win in overtime in Brett Favre's last game as a Packer. Talk about guts!

And then the ultimate in American football lore comes via the clutch kicks of Adam Vinatieri of New England, who is now recovering from injury to kick again for the Indianapolis Colts.

We'll see where other fine CFL kickers like De Angelis and Duval end up now.

Re: Medlock signs with Redskins- So what_ easy come easy go It will make for some interseting training camps in souther Ontario in 2010

There's some speculation by Stamps fans at another site that DeAngelis might follow Barker to Toronto if he doesn't sign an NFL deal. They seem to think he wants to be playing closer to home if he's in the CFL.

why would sando leave the stamps? his arrogence is perfect there, and his Best friend is the other kicker. he is making me angry by holding out

Maybe he thinks that if he moves to Toronto the Centrist media will vote for him to win all the individual awards that he so richly deserved, after all that is what it is all about, isn't it.

:lol: Oh, man...

I thought it was all about money, since these are pro players. I can't blame a guy for holding out for more if he can get it. It's not as if most CFLers are ostentatious, primo uomo millionaires.

My friend who is a Redskins fan will be pleased that now between Medlock and Gano battling for the job the woeful Redskins at least will have a quality kicker like the good old days of Mark Mosely ...

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