Medlock released

....Do we go after this guy....or stick with 'iffy' Serna....He also punts the ball with authority as well as being pretty accurate on field-goals.....INTERESTING :roll: :roll:

If only our kicker weren't married to the boss's daughter, we might actually have a chance at snagging Medlock. :oops:

You guys should go after Medlock ASAP. With the parity in the league this year, no team can afford to have question marks surrounding its kicking game.

If you sign Medlock will you give us Renaud?

Please....... :smiley:

Well, no. But you could probably have Serna... :wink:

I do like the way serna runs :stuck_out_tongue:

He's a speedy little bugger.

He's not speedy, its's an optical illusion with little people.

Medlock is in his option and was probably not interested in signing a long term deal and he's a lefty...
If he's willing to make a 3 year commitment it would be an improvment in Winnipeg,Hamilton for sure.

Montreal too...what's with Duval?

Well papa, I think it all comes down to tonights game for serna, he can earn his spot, but if he misses anymore makable field goals or struggles at all I wouldn't be surprised if medlock got a call tonight or tomorrow. And I think we could get him at a good price, duval is pretty well established in mtl, and all other teams have a canadian placekicker, so unless medlock gets yet another nfl offer I don't tihnk there is a big market for his servixes..

Get that guy here ASAP!

Not sure, Duval has been regressing since around the early to middle of last season. Keep in mind that this is a Trestman coached team so it does not mean because he hasn't been called out publicly that he is not under pressure to improve his game... The Montreal media has not picked up on it either because they are not very football savy or they don't want to upset his father in law :wink: :wink:

It is not uncommon for a kicker to we up and down over his career. Look at Mcallum he was almost out of football and this year he's the top kicker in the league after two weeks. Duval has made strong commitments to the Als so the team is prepared to do the same.

There's no way I would take Medlock over Renauld but his availability should certainly put some pressure on Serna to perform better.

We better sign him before Ham. does!!

Or Montreal

Or Saskatchewan (for punting)