Medlock named ST Player of the Month for July


P/K – Justin Medlock - Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ punter and kicker Justin Medlock has been named Gibson’s Finest CFL Special Teams Player of the Month. In his first five games, Medlock has registered 32 punts for 1,342 yards (41.9 average, long of 64 ) and one single.

Medlock is ranked fourth in the league in kicking points with 52, connecting on 12 of 14 field goal attempts (85.7%) and all 13 converts. His field goal average of 35.8 yards is the second highest in the league, with his longest coming from 55 yards.

Medlock has also registered three singles and has contributed 52 points to the Ticats’ 132 total points this season. This is Medlock’s first season with the Ticats."

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Good choices all around: Ricky Ray, Odell Willis, Jerome Messam, Justin Medlock.

Stala might have got some consideration for top Canadian with a league-leading 5 receiving TDs, but he's only #13 in yardage, while Messam is #4 in rushing yardage.

Could probably also make a case for Jamall Johnson on defence.

I wonder if this is finally going to be Ray's year? It's always seemed like an injustice that he's never been named MOP while a guy like Kerry Joseph - his current backup - has won the award.

Words cannot describe how nice it is to have a kicker that you don't have to worry about. You can just trust Medlock to step up and make a kick, regardless of the range. Congrats, Justin!

Why is everyone surprised!! He will probably get this award every month. He will win CFL rookie of the year award too

Rookie of the year? Are you kidding me? Did you just start watching CFL football this year sweetie?

He isn't a rookie..

okay Ticat rookie of the year (it's his first year as a Ticat)

Rookie means first year in pro football not first with a new team. You don't seem to understand how it works. A player can only be a rookie once no matter how many teams they play for. Get it?

Medlockgirl, welcome to our family friendly forum. You need to know it's kinda like a disfunctional family where nastiness is common and expected from some members.

Congrats to Medlock and hoping for more.

ROY will be Chris Williams.

This isn’t worth starting a new thread, but it is an interesting revelation (last couple of sentences) from Justin in his Q & A interview on

Q: With Toronto in town this weekend, you have to be aware of their dangerous kick and punt returner Chad Owens. Are you ever hesitant in kicking to a guy like that?

JM: Kicking off, it doesn’t really matter what they’re doing back there, we can kick it off wherever we want to kick it off. It’s just punting. We’ve got to punt to Owens and get down there and cover. My room mate is Andre Durie, the Argos off returner, so I told him they better be ready because we’ll be coming hard. It’s funny, we have some good chats.