Medlock, McCallum, and thoughts on kickers

It was interesting to see Medlock and McCallum going head-to-head on the night when Osbaldiston joined the Wall of Honour. Medlock clearly had the better night, going 7 for 7 on FGs including 4 from 40+ yards, and not giving up any TDs to the other guys.

Here's some random thoughts on these and other kickers:

  • Osbaldiston was absolute money when the season was on the line. Long-time fans all know what I'm talking about.

  • I know it was years ago, but I'm sorry - I just can't forget about that time when McCallum missed a 17-yarder that cost the Roughriders a playoff win. Whatever else he does in his career, that's always going to be there.

  • That said, you can't argue with McCallum's 93.5% FG percentage this year. And he's been over 80% for 6 straight years since joining BC.

  • If nothing else, I'll be glad when I no longer have to hear references to Passaglia holding the current single-season record at 90%. No one should ever be allowed to mention that stat unless they also point out that, the year he got the record, Lui was only used on FGs under 40 yards and another kicker was used for FGs over 40 yards. I'm sorry, but that's just not a valid record.

  • Medlock at 88.2% and Sean Whyte at 89.5% must feel a little like Sammy Sosa chasing the long-standing home run record but being edged out by Mark McGwire in the same season.

  • The media loves headline stats, but I've gotta look at the average distance of successful FGs this season. Medlock is averaging 37.7, or 6 full yards above McCallum at 31.7; Whyte is at 29.9. The next highest average after Medlock is Parades at 32.1. I'd love to see a breakdown of FG success rates by distance - 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, etc. Our guy's stats have been hurt by the fact that the coaches aren't reluctant to have him try a long one.

  • If Whyte beats out Medlock for eastern all-star I'll be ticked.

  • I'm knocking on wood here, but so far Medlock hasn't been prone to the kind of complete brain cramp that must have caused McCallum to try that fake punt. The guys on TSN were suggesting that no one else on the field knew he was going to do it - which would explain why no one on his team was looking for the pass. If you don't like what you're seeing in terms of the rush ... ever heard of a safety? (And then there was Boreham's ridiculous rugby moves earlier in the day.)

  • All things considered, I'll still take our guy.

Lui was only used on FGs under 40 yards and another kicker was used for FGs over 40 yards. I'm sorry, but that's just not a valid record.
I did not know that, nor can I recall that scenario.

Who usually filled in for Lui above 40+ yards?
And why did they not just use the long distance PK for all Field Goals instead of having two on the payroll?

I'm sure if the distance kicker could hit 40-50 yd FG's, he could hit 20-40yds easily (you'd think)

Well, Lui did try a 47-yard FG in the 2000 Grey Cup, so I would like to know who the other kicker was -- I do not recall that scenario either.

I wholeheartedly agree re Ozzie's clutch kicking. I am pleased he got his due last night!

Oski Wee Wee,


That's just not true. While Greg Mohns used two kickers in the 2000 season, slotback Bret Anderson being the other kicker, was used to handle the kickoff duties. Passaglia was good on 40 of 44 attempts, with his longest being 49 yards that season.

OK, I had to do some digging on this, and I finally found something: - look down at the very bottom.

It's not exactly as I'd recalled. In 2000 Passaglia made the vast majority of FG attempts for the Lions. But someone named "J Baker" made 5 attempts from 40-49 yards (compared to 7 attempts by Passaglia), and 1 attempt from 30-39 yards. They also had Dan Giancola on the roster, apparently just for kick-offs.

Check out Passaglia's career stats: His whole career up to that point, he had connected on >80% of his FGs just once - in 1978! In 1999 he was at 64%. It doesn't really seem plausible that he suddenly kicked infinitely better in his very last season, at the age of 46.

I feel bad knocking Lui, because he had an incredible career. But I still say any reference to that single season record needs to have an asterisk.

With all due respect, any kicker who is 90 percent on his placements on 44 attempts does not need an asterisk, IMHO. That is 120 points worth of kicking. We are not talking about something like 20 or less attempts, so if the issue is that the number of attempts to qualify is too low, that is another issue. I do not think a kicker has to attempt every placement for his team in a given year to qualify for that record, either.

Oski Wee Wee,


That would have been Jon Baker, the bare-footed kicker who actually played more games for the Edmonton Eskimos. I always wanted to see that guy kick in a West Final at Commonwealth Stadium when the temp. was -40 below and the field was frozen.

It is going to be a sad day when Medlock heads to the NFL for a tryout in the offseason and probably sticks.

Maybe we will bring back Eric Wilbur who's currently playing in the UFL.

Bite your tongue (or typing fingers) Medlock is a combination of Ozzy and Ruoff. Can't let this guy slip through..

Maybe we will bring back Eric Wilbur who's currently playing in the UFL.
who would kick FG's though? :? Either way, the UFL is done for the year, and most likely done as a league, so Wilbur may be back. Or not.
8) Medlock has already tried out for 4 different NFL teams and has been released by each one.
 Wilbur is also a field goal kicker, and held his own against Medlock in training camp this year.
 Marcel even stated at the time that it was a tough decision to make between keeping Medlock or Wilbur !!

 Not to take anything away from Wilbur, but I believe that Marcel made the right decision on this one !!!    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Marcel definitely made the right decision, Tip.

I think the main obstacle to his NFL dreams is the fact that he's a left footed kicker. I think they have concerns about the holder and such. I think we can all say that we are quite happy with his left foot. :lol:

The question I have is,

I know fans can vote for the all star selection, but who is in charge of picking the year end reward recipients?

Whyte, statistically, is having a better season than Medlock, but Medlock has consistently made further kicks than Whyte. Medlock has hit 6 from 50+ yards, one from 57. I believe the rest of the leagues kickers have combined for 6-7 from 50+? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

A vast quantity of Whytes FG's have been from the 25 yard range, where medlock has been more consistent from much further back, two of Medlocks FG misses have come from bad holds from boltus who might still be adjusting from holding from a lefty. Unless you throw or catch with your left hand, it can be very difficult for a right handed dude to adjust to a left footed K.

Anyway, I hope Whyte doesn't get the nod because of his higher point total and FG percentage, but Medlock is a much more dominant kicker. Whyte has a booming leg, but Medlock is in a different universe :lol: . Medlock is money from 60, whyte would have to have a lot of things go his way to make a 50 yarder.

McCallum is having the best year statistically of any kicker, he has a long of 53, does he get the nod for KOY? Probably. I kind of have the feeling that Medlock my get the shaft when it comes to the year end rewards, unless Whyte and McCallum miss every attempt in their last two games.

Medlock, as we know, is the best kicker in the CFL. During his NFL tryouts, pre season appearances, and his regular season appearance for the chiefs a few seasons back, he has consistantly folded his tent while trying out for NFL clubs. His tent is still standing in Ticat land and I sure as hell hope we can keep him around eh :thup: .

On the other hand, Wilbur, being a punter first, can hold his water when it comes to kicking fieldgoals, the next year will be interesting to see what happens with our kickiing situation.