Medlock is Money!!

It was said by coach Austin and others that Justin Medlock is Money and No doubt about it, the guy has the highest percentage rating in the CFL amongst kickers a record and when it comes to clutch kicking no one is better!

In yesterday's game against Toronto Swayze Waters of the Argos was missing field goals, while Medlock was connecting and getting points for the Tiger-Cats when it counted, especially the winning points with 7 seconds on the game clock and a 47 yard field goal that many kickers in the CFL would have missed this season, Medlock hit it perfectly, straight right down the middle.

Great hold by Luke Tasker and great protection up front by the O-Line gave Medlock the perfect balance he needed to make the kick and the rest is history!!

Next Sunday the Cats are in Ottawa for a rematch and a trip to the Grey Cup for the winner. Keep up the great play Medlock and the great play of the Special Teams.

Justin Medlock becomes a Free Agent in the off-season, I hope Kent Austin and The Tiger-Cats do everything to keep him in Hamilton and the CFL because Justin is Money for the Tiger-Cats!!


Pay the man whatever he asks for, ya can't let him get away again.....He's worth every penny and more.....MONEY MEDLOCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Medlock and Tasker, but apparently it was the backup long snapper Mathieu Girard snapping the ball yesterday.
Kudos to him! :thup:
Also I would have to say that Marc Dile did an outstanding job against a pretty darn good TOR DE
He had 1 motion penalty against him, but he was great considering he hadn’t played all year!

I think the team will unquestionable try to keep him here at all costs but I think it is just a matter if Medlock wants to stay. In his post game interview, he hinted that this could be his last year. I'm thinking he may want to try the NFL again. Lets hope that isn`t the case.

Here is a post-game quote from Medlock, which can be found in this article: ... me-winner/

“I just wanted to celebrate with my teammates and the crowd,? Medlock said. “You don’t know when it’s going to be your last game. I’m a free agent and you never know, this could be the last time I ever play here. I just wanted to enjoy it.?
So yes, he was hinting that that may have been his last game for this team at THF.

It was Girard who snapped it according to this article: ... -the-ages/

It's no surprise that he did a good job at that, as I understand he was the LS for the Montreal Carabins.

And about a year ago, Girard was the one who blocked what almost certainly would have been the game winning FG in thew Vanier Cup game, preventing McMaster from getting another Vanier Cup win. After being partly responsible for getting the EDSF winning FG, will Mac fans who are also Ticat fans forgive him? :slight_smile:

I <3 MONEY!!

there isnt a kicker in the league i would trust more to get it through the uprights in a crucial situation.

Medlock for Prime Minister!!

Good story on Medlock from

[url=] ... for-ticats[/url]


In the last game both Medlock and Ted Laurent sure helped their cause when it comes to negotiating time in the next few months.

I hope we can use all the savings we realized from having half the team on the injured list to re-sign them with the help of bonuses charged to the 2015 cap.

(Ricky Ray and Trevor Harris, on the other hand, did not increase their free agency value in the past month.)

Really at a loss for where Ray could end up next year. Montreal, maybe? Only other candidates might be Winnipeg, or as a real stretch, Sask if Durant's health is a question mark. BC seems to like Jennings, and nobody will want to pay Ray to sit on the bench. An outside observer might suggest Hamilton, with Zach coming back from surgery, but bringing in Ray "just in case" Zach's recovery is longer than expected doesn't seem like it would fit Austin's M.O.