Medlock contacted

......story in the sun says Medlock has been approached by the Bombers.....Maybe he isn't on anyones roster???? His agent apparently told him to sit tight and wait for another nfl shot..I hope they can get him to decide one way or the other and get some sort of answer quickly....otherwise i think we go in a different direction.../Troy get warmed up :lol: :lol: just kidding...There must be a few good kickers on nfl rosters waiting by the phone...It's an import spot we'd be filling no problem i would think...... :roll:

medlock said thanks but no thanks. waiting on nfl offers still and will be for some time.

setta is the most likely option.

but serna wont be released.. not until they have a lil kicker competition for a while.. u dont release serna without having some competition brought in first.

last year, kelly brought in giancola.. serna had his best year. seems to me serna is best when he has competition.

Nothing regarding Medlock is confirmed. Waiting for offers that may never come seems rather dumb. Bird in hand worth 2 in the bush type of thing.

I’d rather bring in an unknown than Setta. He’s got a bad back which is incredibly unpredictable since they can act up at any time. Since Setta sustained that injury he was been as inconsistent as Serna has been this year.

As for Serna and competition, Berry was bringing new guys in almost every week and that didn’t help Serna’s on-field performance.

Lapo has lost confidence in Serna. Punting with the LOS at about the Hamilton 40 in the early third quarter isn’t a ringing endorsement for Serna IMO.