Mediocre or banks

Where was the most bang for the buck

I meant medlock

How do you know the choice wasn't between Medlock and Laurent? Or Medlock and E Davis? Or Collaros extension? Fantuz contract? Etc.

I think you started this thread because you already know the answer you want to hear.

Do you have an Opinion?

First tell me how you know that a choice had to be made between the two specific players you mentioned.

The choice is yours. Just answer the question

Wow. Medlock just fell way short on a chance to win the game from 61 yards out. Would have been a borderline miraculous kick.

Sign the Ticat season is over.

The weird threads start...

Maybe because your question was disproved in three other threads. The horse is dead, please quit beating it...

Of course, this is all IMHO and IME. Medlock didn't want to re-sign in Hamilton. Banks did. Medlock choked when the season was on the line. Banks had ZERO blocking all year. I'll take a guy that WANTS to play here, than pine over one that wanted to get out...

I think the leading scorer in the league makes the difference today and I think banks had a good game

Pay closer attention to this board and you will know when you are asking a question that has been asked at least 5 times recently (I will let you research...this bores me)...

Sure, the blocking for Banks has left him exposed, but aren't special players supposed to do special things?

Plus using him as a receiver feels more like a forced role to create something in the hopes that it will happen......yet doesn't.

Just give me consistent positive return yards with 0 TDs vs flashes of brilliance with feast or famine type returns.

The great thing about the CFL is that it allows players of all sizes to succeed (like Nik Lewis!)

Yet with Banks he seems too slight of frame to "bounce" off of players.

I disagree with the OP's previous statements on Laurent's value, but with Banks I could see his salary being used to build in other areas of the team.

my opinion is that it's my own fault for feeding the trolls... i should have known better.

Banks vs medlock has been discussed 5 times site the posts

So you have no opinion how liberal


uh huh...

Dude, try to relax. Walking Dead was on and my team just got eliminated today. Sorry if I don't jump on your command as you insist on scapegoating our star players. Maybe I'll respond later if I'm not totally bored of your whiny thread.

No one has posted an opinion

Just saying