Media's double standards on CFL and MLS

First Seahawks is a story as they the Sounders relied on them for everything and now are on their own except for Paul Allen's money who is one of the richest men in America Yah it makes a difference .

Calling yourselves a football club in a soccer league is idiotic .

The Seahawks like MLSE is what got the bus going without the billionaires neither of theses teams make it . You need
the money to make it appealable . Soccer on it's own especially one that is tormented by inferior play and having stars that can't make a national team is not exactly going to draw the crowds but making it an event worth gathering for with mutual friends make the game stand out as a fantastic social experience .

But don't tell me that a winning competent team that started two years after TFC learned anything other than demographic marketing from the Reds . If anyone is watching the TSN coverage you will hear one person after the other actually admitting TFC was a failure both on the field and off the field for years and how rewarding it is that the team is being embraced TODAY . as successful but jeez it took awhile ladies this is not the rose from day one it was better than the 8000 and 10000 crowds that the other teams were getting which I do agree happened because they had a PRO Soccer specific stadium .

Info on how MLS teams operate.

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I hate MLS talk in this forum.

However, I am going to play the double standard card now.


Had to watch the game ( on FOX ) just to cheer for Seattle.

Then had to go to RPB forum , just to enjoy the heart break and crying. :thup: :thup:

Also, so sick of the media telling me that Toronto sports teams are loved by all of Canada.
I have nothing against Toronto, but I do not have to cheer for them out of "patriotism".

BTW, soccer fans claim to have the most exciting and best sport in the world , then yell the shoot out ruins the game.
Or is it called penalty kicks. ?

TFC is cursed. They will never win any championship until they make amends with the Argos.

Cubs had the curse of the billy goat, Red Sox had the Babe Ruth curse and TFC has the Argo curse. :wink:


steve simmons ?@simmonssteve 7h7 hours ago
Buying a championship doesn't always work. Giovinco, Altidore and Bradley are paid $7 million more than the entire Seattle roster combined.

I know it's the soccer world but penalty kicks to win a game especially a 0 - 0 game ugh .

ESPN Stats & Info ?@ESPNStatsInfo 32m32 minutes ago
.@SoundersFC are the first team to win the MLS Cup without having a shot on goal

TFC couldn't score because the CFL tore up the field! :wink: :lol:

Rob MaverVerified account
Watching soccer players lobby for calls is without a doubt the most pathetic thing in all of sport. And yes, I do know I'm a punter.

Wow what a surprise , a nil to nil final score in a soccer game , now that's something you don't see everyday :roll:
and penalty kicks to decide the championship ? Seriously ? kinda akin to having a fg kicking contest or having the qb's throwing balls through a tire to decide the Grey Cup . What a joke !!! Can we now desist and please stop with all the F-ing MLS and soccer crapola discussion on this CFL forum ? PLEASE !!! Now that the season is thankfully over and the Red Patchers LOST ...or tied :lol: or whatever the Hell ya call it when ya play a Championship game that ends scoreless in a 0-0 tie . :lol:

Highlight of the night was O Canada by the crowd - and the Frei save on Altidore in extra time in terms of a play. That was spectacular and won Seattle the Cup.

And whoever the CF-18 pilot was last night - he made a much more impressive fly-by than the two pilots who did the Grey Cup. He shot straight up as he passed over BMO and it was like a sonic boom. Reminded me of the one pilot at the first game at THF who I swear caused the Argos to fumble the opening kick-off when he did that with a second fly-by just as the ball was being kicked-off. lol

Overnight FOX TV ratings FYI (at the risk of getting people who hate hearing about TV ratings in other sports here mad) were the highest for the Cup final since 2001 with almost 1.3 million average viewers on FOX. Still to come the Spanish language USA ratings and the TSN/RDS ones.

The broadcasters said the team was dismal on the field, not off. Not one broadcaster yesterday said the team was a failure in the stands, because it wasn't. You must have some revisionist history here. TFC sold out it's first couple of seasons despite the poor performances on the field. Even after 8 solid years of futility, the team still drew reasonably well. TV ratings have always been an issue but not attendance.

this was a time for MLS to showcase their sport. Too Bad. I hope they didn't wreck the grass.

Players on this team are just too old and beyond their prime. Maybe if MLSE would open their wallet and sign the 10 best players in the world, then we would have a good team for next year.

Also I think the timing of the game should be mid Jan in a neutral site, just some ideas so they can advance the sport.

Did we have to play the Canadian anthem last night? I mean really, this is an American league, with all American players and the American Anthem in Toronto should be enough

James Duthie mentioned it several times Stiflers TFC mom . You can always tell who are the trolls when they get the nickers in a bunch about soccer on a CFL site . :lol:

I actually liked the article from CBC stating the nonsense of TFC being Canada's team by Nigel Reed . Says it best for people who like our soccer either better quality or at least Canadian .

23 million in salary for TFC
12 million in salary for the Sounders

Yep the Sounders can learn from TFC :stuck_out_tongue:

Did not watch the entire game, just the second half and OT.

Lots of reports about Red fans tossing garbage at the Seattle players.

Is that true ?

If so thanks Toronto fans for disgracing your city and Canada. :roll:

Oh no wait , it is JUST soccer. Not to worry, it is all good. :thup:

How much were the tickets for NIL NIL.? :lol: :lol:

RPB forum is just filled with hurt. :smiley: :thup:

Good karma for a group who feels they own the field and no other sport should be permitted on it.
Even though the city of Toronto owns it.

If he did, he would be dead wrong. Nickers in a bunch? No, I'm just correcting the false notion of TFC being a failure in the stands when everyone with half a brain knows it wasn't. TFC ushered in a new generation of what MLS support could be. Saying the truth isn't being a troll.

Also, I agree with Nigel Reed as well. Canada needs its own league to develop talent.

I actually watched a fair bit and TFC dominated but couldn't score.

TFC fans pelted rolls of toilet paper and ribbon down on a Seattle player while he was attempting a corner kick. He had to wait and even as he attempted the kick he had paper around his legs. Karma TFC fans. It takes young folks a while to learn and believe but when you act all the ass Karma hits you square in the bag. Sometimes faster then at others. TFC got what they deserved.

Let's face it, it's soccer and it will never be huge in North America. Basically there are some soccer fans who'll follow MLS for the Gregorian chanting and nice little scarves but most real soccer fans love their European and World Cup versions.
It really isn't a great brand of the game.

This quality of soccer sure won't. However, if and when MLS becomes a major force, domestic soccer definitely will become huge here.

Okay I will bite TFC sells tickets and fills them seats Yes but they lost money for years and I am not sure they made money this year [b]but they should have made a small profit this year with the play off run and home dates .

[/b]But before this year they lost money meaning they were not successful off the field . Neild Davidson writes in the Globe and mail January 2014 headline ____ Toronto Fc will lose money this year , but MLSE boss promises fun ride .

He quotes Lieweke " Our owners understand the math . this was not done without explaining to them the math "

" They are okay with it " and " Are we going to make money this year , No " ." We are very lucky to have these owners MLSE"

So I stand by saying without MLSE's rich pockets there is no way that TFC could exist with the current structure and investment from Billionaire owners who hope to make money in the FUTURE but they should have made money this year if they didn't they will never turn a profit without a drastic cut in salaries . I expect to hear of a small profit if not there is no way for this franchise to continue with speculation profits only especially if the CPL becomes viable for Canadians.

Yea you are right but TFC has come a long way since 2014, average attendance gone from 17k to 26k and a playoff game and final sold out at 36k each. TFC played 44 games this year including the CONCACAF, friendlies etc.
Their fans are young 20 something millenials and advertisers are clambering to get a piece of them.
Their TV numbers in the GTA are trending up and the 20 somethings tend to watch a lot of on-line "streaming" stuff on their tablets/phones etc and TFC soccer is pretty hot on-line. Their fans are willing to come out on cold Wednesday nights to cheer on their team and they are loud and really into the game. Their fans spend a lot of money on merchandise too, soccer shirts are stylish, look good and are not just worn on game day at the stadium.
Soccer is hugely popular in GTA schools where every high school has two teams. Interest in TFC can only increase after their success this year.