Media's double standards on CFL and MLS

Maybe they should rename this the MLS forum since half the posts seem to be about MLS.

Guys, how long have people been predicting the CFL's demise? Pretty much since the 70s.

MLS has been around for over two decades now. It's not going to suddenly disappear.

Regardless, I don't think MLS is getting anywhere near as much media coverage as the Grey Cup did for the final.

Just my two cents

Went to see The Toronto Blizzard in a playoff or championship game at CNE back in the early 80's. That was when the Argos welcomed the Jays and Blizzard to CNE. The TO sports scene has CRAPPED all over The Argonauts since then. Thus I care nothing about the Jays, TFC and Craptors.

Umm - not quite true. There were a number of major complaints from the Argos and their fans - my uncle included - an Argos season ticket holder among them - who even wrote a letter to the Toronto Star after the first Argos game in the 'new' reconfigured stadium - complaining how the location of his season tickets in the new stand - that was the first baseline for the Jays - resulted in his seats being much further from the sidelines and now angled towards the endzone and not angled towards the middle of the field.

It wasn't all peaches and cream - welcome to our stadium from all Argos fans for the Jays. This picture you can see what my uncle would have been complaining about.

Others even in the covered grand stand towards the west end of it - similarly were upset that their seats were now further from the sidelines because the field now was angled whereas previously it ran perfectly parralel to stands on both sides.

Couldn't agree with you more, but you left out the Maple Lafs!


One story I can't believe has not been reported is the difference between Seattle Sounders Fans and Toronto FC .

First one actually has a name .

Second one is living with artificial turf for years and still get extreme support even compared to Toronto's which you cannot compare to Seattle supporters.

Third they share a football stadium without any bad blood with the football team .

Fourth and the most important the writers actually not only know the sport in Seattle they understand MLS .
They understand even though they are the rock stars in the MLS in terms of fan support they acknowledge without the Seahawks backing they would have a hard time . Seahawks and Sounders split up 2014 .

Name me one WRITER who acknowledges without MLSE taking the hit on salaries etc ... this TFC thing never gets off the ground or even exists .

The one part of that story you are leaving out is how much the owners and supporters groups of the Sounders learned from MLSE and the TFC supporters groups. The year before the Sounders started in MLS there were multiple trips to Toronto to meet with MLSE to meet with the supporters groups etc - because of how MLSE and Toronto FC supporters basically took the MLS to a new level with a totally different game day experience.

Pre-TFC most MLS teams if they had their own stadium were building them out in the burbs and their crowds were largely youth soccer players and their bored Moms - with a pretty lame in stadium atmosphere in comparison to soccer crowds around the world.

MLSE built their stadium in the downtown-ish area with the goal of building a fan base of young urban professionals - and it worked - and resulted in the great atmosphere that made TFC games so much fun to go to in those first few years - even when they were really lousy. Other MLS teams - like Seattle - then largely copied that blueprint tweeking it for their own markets.

Those young urban professionals - are basically the market segment the Argos pretty much lost in the Braley years - and is the segment that Tannenbell are working so hard to gain back with their marketing, promos in Liberty Village (which is PACKED with that demographic) etc. They made a few inroads in that this past season - probably no where near as much as they hoped for - but it is WAY too early to give up. They've got to keep at it.

Yes Pat they may have consulted with TFC but their fanbase is far better and stronger from day one . You have to admit if you watch games from Seattle they don't have large gaps of empty seats like TFC had for years yet were saying they were sold out . They were honest with the great support unlike the TFC who uses there end zone supporter section as there calling card . Yes I would love the Argos to have their own dawg pound ( Browns) .

Place TFC in the Rogers Centre and see what happens ? Sounders play in a mammoth NFL stadium on artificial turf and are LOVED . TFC needs to learn from them now .

Not wanting to kill the buzz of TFC . That saying I still wish for TFC to win .

Seattle is very successful on the field and has been for many seasons, one of the many reasons they are successful in selling seats in a massive Stadium

Notice where Seattle is(2nd) and note where TFC stands(last) on this AVG. points per season since 2010 graphic

The team has a name- Toronto FC. Nicknamed The Reds by the fans.

The turf is an issue to players mainly - The fans... depends on market. Ask and English fan what they think of turf... In other words. It is what it is. TFC play on grass. Sounders play of turf/ hybrid.

Sharing the facility is a dead issue... no story there.

No idea what the Seahawks' relationship with The Sounders has to do with anything... They supported them in the early days. So?

MLSE taking a hit on salaries, etc is what they do to manage the team. Again - non story. Unless you want to talk about the impact or payoff of that kind of spending... seems to be paying off. That analysis and write up has been down by multiple media over the last week.

The media doesn't write up on this stuff because they are for the most part non issues. The media has covered difference between the two in terms of team make up, fan base, prior history, ownership etc.
What TFC can learn from them is pretty minor considering they are doing just fine as is.


Another thing to keep in mind is Seattle is higher in the pecking order in the market since there is no NBA or NHL this time.

With the Mariners being lousy for while, the Sounders shot up to #2 quickly. It took TFC a while to get to #4 here and it took a backwards thinking and abesntee Argos ownership to help accelerate the process.

If the Soncis return and plus the NHL arrival on top of that, it would push the Sounders down IMO. They'll want a smaller specific stadium by then to copy stadium similar to BMO and the one in Columbus...that one really started the Soccer Specfic Stadium trend.

Yep, the mods are really dropping the ball on this forum. Somebody writing MLS or Other Sports in the thread title shouldn't allow them to soil our Canadian Football forum with incessant and annoying soccer or baseball boasting. This is done intentionally to hijack this football forum. There are plenty of other forums to blab about non-CFL sports but this is the only national CFL forum. Soccer and baseball drivel should be moved to the Lounge or Other Sports forum or better yet deleted from this site.

But you are always saying negative comments about the NFL, baseball and the MLS. It seems that you would have most of your comments deleted. Or do you think they should delete only positive comments about the NFL, TFC or the Jays?

The title of this thread was the Media's double stands the CFL and MLS. It's difficult not to talk about the TFC when they have the same owners as the Argos, the same chairman etc and they share the same stadium.

I agree.
There is a small group who have high jacked this forum. Unbelievable. A few of them always push the MLS agenda. I don't want them on here as I have zero connection to these leagues. After a terrific playoff and GC run we are talking MLS. Posters try to establish CFL content and these guys deflect back to MLS. Isn't it time to stay on topic or get deleted?

Well the thread did start out as a comparison between media covg on CFL and MLS... it will drift back and forth.

The biggest irony of all with the complaints about MLS being talked about in this thread - one whose very title invites a discussion comparing CFL and MLS - is that it was started by rcon who hates TFC.

And as has been pointed out numerous times - were it not for TFC and their owners under Tim Leiweke's urging - MLSE - spending over $100 million bucks on the BMO renos for their soccer team and to get some outdoor hockey games - the Argos would be in extreme dire straits right now - stuck heading into one last year of their 5 year lease at Rogers Centre that was due to expire at the end of next season. Home address for 2018 - unknown.

Well, let's not think that TFC in of itself is the straw that stirs the drink either.

As it has been also pointed out, if Canada did not land the 2007 U20 World Cup, there would be no shell for MLSE to expand into the current BMO field in the first place and no TFC regardless of the Argos situation. There's allot of other layers to that onion which has been discussed in great length already.

Mind you, if it wasn't for those events, threads like this wouldn't exsist so this forum would be a pretty dull place :wink:

The reason why I started the post Pat was to show the double standard certain media has towards the CFL compared to other leagues. I used the MLS because their Championship game was in Toronto a few weeks after the Grey Cup. During Grey Cup week every year, you will see story after story trashing the CFL in one form or another. Either by saying teams are losing money or lack of attendance etc. Now with the MLS cup going on this weekend, you DO NOT see any stories about teams losing 10's of millions of dollars in half empty stadiums with TV ratings in the infomercial area. That is what I call a double standard!