Media's double standards on CFL and MLS

Where are all the negative stories about the MLS from the "Canadian" media during MLS Cup week? They loved to dump all over the CFL during Grey Cup week. Where are mentions of lackluster tv ratings during the regular season (some games had lower ratings than infomercials), the 100 million dollars in league-wide losses last year that MLS had. Not a single peep from the media. Come on guys and gals in the media, you love to slag the CFL all the time. Let's give the MLS its fair share of negative news!!!

I have to say in this part of the province there is no news about the TFC or MLS it is a non entity . MLS cup ? Nobody here is talking Toronto soccer . It's a GTA thing ?

Could be? They do seem to be getting a fair amount of coverage by Toronto sports media. The cover and next two pages of this morning's Sun sports section were all MLS Cup. And the Star has had several stories on them the last few days too.

And I'm sure there will be a little more hype by Saturday.

TSN has certainly been running ads for the game every ten minutes it seems on their own network and on CTV.

It is probably going to be impossible to match the crazy excitement of the insane 2 games against Montreal - but I hope it is a good one - something like a 3-2 thriller with TFC winning would be nice.

It will be interesting how they handle the weather. It's going to be -5 at game time, which will probably mean a rock hard field, possible slippery, and though it's not reporting any snow, a snow squall streamer could easily come off of Lake Huron and turn it into winter wonderland. It will be interesting how the players handle the cold, probably with the same steely determination they exhibit when another player touches them, in other words roll on the ground like they're shot.

So my prediction: 0-0 decided on penalty kicks, with record high ratings in Canada and record low ratings in the US....

No such issues with the field - It has underground heating to prevent the field from freezing.

And apparently if it snows heavily (which it is not supposed to do until tomorrow) they have orange balls ready.

Media coverage today - at least in the Sun is the full front cover of the paper itself and sports section - and four other pages.

Some other MLS highlights

  • over 500 media from around the world have been accredited for the game - aa record for MLS Cup
  • the game will be broadcast in 90 languages to over 170 countries
  • attendance in the MLS has jumped 40% since 2007
  • social media following has jumped 95% in the last year alone
  • Atlanta the expansion team have sold 22,000 season tickets for their inaugural season already

With how cold it will be tonight those TFC soccer scarfs will come in handy. :slight_smile:

According to the weather network the heavy snow should be done around 4:30 so the field should be fine.

As stated earlier, they have underground heaters on the field but I was looking forward to seeing then play in the snow tonight!

Field is holding up fine. To Extra Time we go. This has to help ratings - now that the Leafs and Habs games are long since over.

Kudos to you Evil - and you may be right on record high Canadian ratings - but I think you will only go 2 for 3 - because it will not be record low ratings south of the border for an MLS Cup. In fact - I'll go out on a limb and say it will be one of the higher rated MLS Cups south of the border because of the lack of sports competition down there.

Preliminary FOX overnights had it the highest rated MLS Cup final in 15 years averaging 1.3 million in English in the USA. Not bad considering one of the home markets wasn't counted in those ratings.

Should be Tuesday or Wednesday before final ratings are in for the Spanish language and Canadian ratings and final FOX numbers.

Boy they dodged a bullett with the game being played last night instead of in this snowstorm today.

1.3 million in the US, for a Championship Game , on a major network, in prime time, is really nothing to crow about Pat. Especially where there was nothing on going up against it.

Yikes and can you say yikes again! A disaster and even Travel has to admit that. But he won't because the guy is too arrogant. I like you Travel but your sh....t don't stink to yourself. The way I see you my man.

Imagine if they did like the Grey Cup and go agains't the NFL on prime time Sunday. Ratings would have been a total disaster if MLS did that. They knew they had to go on a Saturday night to even get into the very low million.

So .1.3 million for a championship game in a country of 350,000,000 is good ? holy cow , i did not know that !

For true major US leagues, that would basically put them out of business in some respects to be known as "major".

And considering that was on an over the air network (first time since 2008) and it would also factor in Canadians that don't have access to TSN.

Yes, only one US based team is factored in, but if the Grey Cup we're to draw double that in both English/French combined in a country with a smaller population and confinded to a cable medium (no domestic streaming) the reaction in the media and in this forum iwould be a major dispointment and a great concern with the Networks.

It smells like a double standard indeed.

Well ratings are all relative depending on the league and sport- and what the numbers have been in the past.

1.3 million would be a disaster for an NFL football game or a big name matchup in NCAA football. But it is in the area of what FOX would get for some of their lesser matchups during the College Football Season (1.36 million for a Baylor-TCU Saturday night Big 12 game last month). It is also about what NHL regular season or early round playoff games on NBC get.

As for the MLS and soccer - it is one of the highest ever ratings for an MLS game on American English language television - and considering that was with the benefit of just one home American team market to spike the ratings - (the local rating in Seattle was 9.9 - meaning almost 10% of TV's in Seattle were tuned to the soccer game) I'm sure the MLS will be quite happy with that.

In the USA and Canada combined last year's MLS Cup drew a total of something like 750,000 combined on English language TV (ESPN/TSN) and about 500,000 in Spanish. The year before that it was in the 1,000,000 range on English language TV and 900,000 in Spanish because the higher profile big market LA Galaxy were involved .

So 1.3 million on FOX with the Spanish and likely a big Canadian number still to come is going to be a significant improvement for the MLS - so - yes - that is good news for them.

So it's low hanging fruit then :lol:

Still, I would love to see a regional breakdown in the US. In would bet most of those are from the Seattle area and they don't have an NBA or NHL team to divide the TV market like Toronto did last night.

No it wouldn't. U.S. ratings measure viewers in the U.S., not viewers watching U.S. feeds in Canada.

Sure you could say low hanging fruit - but if the ratings are more than double some previous MLS Cups - which in all likelihood will be the case once all numbers are in - why would that be interpreted as bad news for the league - as Earl seems to be demanding I do?

‘Ratings more than doubled - that’s awful!’ - Is that better Earl? :roll:

FYI - the overnight rating from Seattle was a 9.9 - meaning 9.9% of households in that market watched the game. Seattle’s population is about 700,000 - including all of it’s suburbs about 2,000,000 - so depending on what Nielsen ratings measures as ‘Seattle’ with about 10% watching the game - that is between 70,000 - 200,000. That still leaves over a million watching elsewhere.

And as pw13 points out Canadians who watched on FOX will not be counted in the ratings. I flipped back and forth between the two broadcasts and was exchanging Facebook Messenger messages during the game with a couple of friends in Toronto who have a basic Rogers cable package in Toronto so they were both watching on FOX because that basic Rogers cable package in Toronto does not include TSN.

Another example of how the CFL is hurting itself by sticking solely with TSN - as these would be the type of people who would have likely watched at least some of the Grey Cup game were it available to them. In fact one of these two guys a couple of times during the Grey Cup game messaged me with ‘What’s the score now?’ messages.