I listen to CHML on my way to and from work and sometimes fan590 when I need a good laugh but haven't heard much talk of the Tiger cats or the Grey Cup.

Am I just missing the conversation or is really no one talking about the GC?

Last night around 7pm they were talking Ticats and on 900 one of the announcers is pro Calgary,They are just so strong and have more depth and more talent at every position on paper ?! I was shocked this is one of our own talking smack :x

Thanks I must have just missed it. I was in the car listening on 900 chml at 745 or so and it was all Mac talk.

Do you find the Grey Cup talk, especially with Hamilton in it, to be lacking?

TSN and Fan590 are usually NHL, NFL and now a lot into the Raptors. Quite frankly, there is only so much to talk about with the Grey Cup, that they could be waiting until they are closer to the game instead of running out of things to talk about.

I was listening to the Fan on Monday night around 11:30 pm and the only Grey cup talk I heard was a list of reasons why you shouldn’t watch it.

Just thought I'd let you know that Dave Naylor's show started broadcasting from Vancouver 4-7 on TSN 1050 on Wednesday and will do so again Friday and again on Saturday. Obviously there's a ton of CFL talk.

I know as Ticat fans you'll be listening to CHML when there's Ticat talk, but if you're in the car Sunday our pre-game show starts at 2pm, and we'll have the game as well. Or just check in with us to see what's on. The timing may work out for you.

Our shows have all had CFL talk this week. I had coach Steinauer on the show Monday night at (I think) 7:45 if you want to track down the podcast.

Congrats to the Ticats on an outstanding season. I sat in the stands at THF on Sunday and had a blast. Maybe we can get an all Southern Ontario EF next year, the lead up to the game last year was great, even if the final score wasn't. LOL

Enjoy Sunday's game. Nobody in the league deserves a Grey Cup ring more than Bob Young.

Wow Thanks Mr Hogan. I'll keep it on 1050 all day today and tomorrow.
And your last sentence is absolutely correct.