Media upsets Tillman..

in the Edmonton Sun this morning, I read an article where he was quite upset where the Media totally took everything way out of context.

saying that this coach would be here and that coach there and so on..

Tillman let em have it.

Good!! Nice job Eric! :smiley:

It's always nice to have a link.

[url=] ... 95246.html[/url]

thanks, I was in a hurry.

Some interesting comments. On the subject of Crandell, isn't he the QB coach with Sask? Or has he left?

Yes Chief that he is. . . and Stubler is still listed as the D line coach in BC.

So these people are getting ahead of themselves, cause I don't recall Sask giving ET permission to talk to Crandell. Same with BC. Unless I missed an article somewhere...

They don't always publish who gives permission to who, so Sask may have done so already, but it does all seem a bit premature considering the HC isn't there (officially) yet.

wish they'd hurry up and announce it.

I cant' wait to start slagging it.

Whoops. I thought it would've been announced by now, but I forgot, different timezones. :lol: Looks like we still have another half hour.

all right media. even they can do something good, once in a blue moon. :thup: :rockin: :twisted: