Media says Big Argo win Friday night??

I've hear on local media in the Toronto area the predict a Big Win for the Argo's against the Tiger-Cats on Friday night for their fans at the Rogers Centre and the unveiling of the 100th Grey Cup banner and celebration. One guy on the radio said 52 to 10 for the Argo's over the Cats??

Milanovich say's it will be a great game and looking forward to another great year and repeating as Grey Cup champs!!

Oh the Blue and White will be out in Toronto Friday night. I think it will be a high energy game and hopefully with a few surprises on the Ti-Cat side in a victory? The odds are stacked against us again?

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats

There's already a thread for predictions for tomorrow's game here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=82469

A radio host stated this, or a caller to the station?

The odds are stacked against us again?
well, I wouldn't bet against the Cats for the W

there should be a few thousand Cats fans in attendance, quite possibly more vociferous than the home crowd which should help invigorate the team.

I won't be able to make this game but hope to be able to catch the better part of it on TV. To those that will be there...have fun and BE LOUD and PROUD :thup:

I've been to many games at that "skydump" where you may even have thought the Ticats were the home team. :wink:

For the Toronto media to hype this in the way they are...they could be just setting themselves up for a big disapointment.

The first game of the year is very hard to predict. I'm sure it will be filled with lots of surprises.

Anyone predicting a score like that after the destruction put on Winnipeg and the near loss to Montreal who we beat, needs some humility.