Even though the Tiger-Cats are favoured by 7 points(vegas) and the Tiger-Cats have beaten the Argos three times this year. The media and prognosticators are predicting that the Argos will beat Tiger-Cats ??

WOW !!

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Thats all I have to say

This game scares the shiiiiiiiite out of me. :o :o :o :o :o :o

Link(s)? The "media" is a pretty big contingent.

As far as upsets being picked for the playoffs, it happens. If you're a 9-9 team that goes from being world beaters to being egg layers from streak to streak, it wouldn't surprise me than some Toronto media outlets may not share the optimism of some on this site for the Cats. I am optimistic than Kevin Glenn will make more plays than the Lemon Turnover Machine -- the only question is can the lid be kept on Cory Boyd?

Well, here's another: will the "good" Mike GIbson show up?

Oski Wee Wee,


What media outlets are you talking about? Chris Schultz at TSN has Ticats and so does Lefko and Jim Lang at Sportsnet. Matthew Sekeres at the Globe and Mail also has picked Hamilton to be in the final versus Calgary.

not sure who your talking about...
almost everyone I've heard review the game has picked the cats.

would love to see thigpen and owens combine for most td returns in a game :thup:

let them decide the game :rockin:

CFL fan poll has 67% of the fans voting for Hamilton to win. I just hope they are not over confident. Another issue might be the weather. If it rans this may very well play out good for Toronto's running and specialty teams.
Either way were gonna win it, remember the 13th man in Hamilton. Now lets sell those last 4000 tickets before game day!!


Fine by me, I love rooting for the underdog. :thup:

I'd say 2/3 of the so-called experts are callling for a Cats win on Sunday. If the Argos win, it'll have to be considered a real upset since Hamilton won all 3 regular season games.

I think it'll be close but it'll be Hamilton playing Montreal in a couple of weeks.

An Argo-Cat fan

It is going to be close. As long as we contain special teams and be watchful of the trick play, we should be ok. I believe our front 4 can stop their run game. The only other thing we need to watch are those short dump passes.

Ti-Cats by 10 points.
I have NO worries about this game, none at all!
Trust and have faith in your team and they will suceed!

You have no business using the word "we" when talking about the Ticats after your pathetic anti-Ticat thread about the new stadium.

Haven't seen any media heads picking the Cats to lose. The only reason I'm picking the Argos over the Cats is because I believe it's extremely difficult for one team to beat another team four consecutive times in a season.

The only one I know that picked the Argos was Dunigan. He's also picking the Argos to go to the Grey Cup.

If I flipped a coin 99 times and it came up heads every time, I wouldn't be saying that it's extremely difficult to flip 100 heads in a row, so next one's got to be tails. I'd be saying the coin's weighted in favour of heads, and it's going to come up heads again. Three wins in a rows by the Ticats, I'm thinking this match-up is weighted in favour of the Ticats, and they're going to win again.

Not sure what to think of this tc23 guy,... he seems like a troll half the time.... posting scam ads and such...