Media Men

We get bombarded all of the time with local and national broadcasters and panelists, sports announcers, sports writers and critics who constantly criticize, rate and rank teams, players, coaches and, in Sean Millingtons case, management.
I think it is about time there was a ranking system for these guys complete with criticism of their talents. Here is my take:
TSN team - B-, Glenn Suitor and Danny McManus provide the knowledge and expert & honest opinions, Rod Black and Chris Cuthbert have an annoying tone and seem to be not paying attention at times
TSN panel - B, Brian Williams, Matt Dunigan, Jock Climie all offer mostly intelligent opinions although Climie can get on my nerves at times, Dave Randorf is a buffoon and Chris Schultz is a Big Dummy who seems to get pleasure from belittling people (probably was a big bully in school as opposed to Randorf who probably got beat up a lot in school)
CBC team - C+, this could be a B+ except for Walby, another Big Dummy who doesn’t know that some things are better left unsaid
CBC panel - C- Greg Frers and Khari Jones provide expert opinions when they can get a word in, Sean Millington always reminds me of jealousy personified, could not get a job in coaching, scouting or management so might as well put everyone down
CH TV - B+, Ken Welch calls it like he sees it although sometimes he is not looking in the right place, got this grade because they are a home town station
Hamilton Spectator - B+, Steve Milton is the best sportswriter around, Ken Peters ahould get an education from Milton.
Funny thing though, whenever the Argos are playing on a supposedly national TV station (CBC, TSN, Sportsnet) the broadcast people talk like there is no other team in the universe that can do anything right except the Argos.
Intentionally left out Marty York, fails every time so should be expelled.

Mikey working for the Spec now A+ :wink: