Media is sayin July 25th....

They stealing my shtick :cowboy:à-prévoir-1.643686

It's actually not unlikely that they are stealing your stuff, man. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that journalists browse this forum anonymously.

For us poor English speaking folks south of the Quebec board, can someone translate please? Sorry to ask :frowning: but go Als!

I recommend watching the video in that link because Hawkins and Calvillo answer in English and it does a great job of encapsulating how clueless Hawkins is. They also start off the video by explaining that this team finds new ways to implode each game and show the "highlights" of how badly they blew things in the game with Calgary

Basically everyone is frustrated with how things are going and that it isn't hard to believe that if the team drops their 4th in a row and third at home that Hawkins and Miller could be fired especially with a bye week coming up.

In the spirit of giving a fishing rod instead of a fish...If your are interested in the number of French links we post on here. You should consider using this

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Didier semble commencer à s'inspirer des autres. J'avais justement évoqué hier sur RDS la semaine de relâche pour appuyer ton 25juillet.

Mais, bon, c'est le discours ambiant, alors il sur la même histoire pour tout le monde.

C'est correct, je disais ca avec humour :wink:

Hfx, tu mérites des félicitations car dès la deuxième semaine de la saison, tu as mentionné la date butoir du 25 juillet. J'étais bien d'accord avec toi à ce moment-là. Je me réjouis de voir que les journalistes commencent à s'en inspirer et à mentionner cette date.

C'est juste mon optique. Quand quelque chose est si pourri tu es mieux d'admettre rapidement l'erreur.

Guess that's why I didn't see rds at practice today, they don't want to bother or I just left too early.

tva sports was there on the other hand with a hot reporter and john liu from tsn which is a rarity.

and I got to hear herb throw the s-word to randy tieman who answered 'low blow herb!'.

the vultures are circling but the team looks nice and loose.

so any bets on whether we see maciocia again? he was rds' first choice after all. :roll:

Maybe Didine had some free tickets to a luncheon somewhere :wink:
Yeah TVA has a couple cute girls. Joannie Jutras is a hot number 8)

Their faith is in their own hands put up 40 or 50 points on thursday and a lot can change, put up another 10 pointer and they deserved to be fired on the spot.

Pray to the Beebee Jezus :cry: That's not the case.

Mathieu Boulay ?@MatBoulay 17m Coïncidence ou pas, Danny #Maciocia vient d'arriver à l'entraînement des #Alouettes, mais comme spectateur. Bon ami de Noel Thorpe

If they manage a win it will just prolong the agony. Like pulling off a band aid....

good one. :lol:

I should have added a cartoon bubble "Bonjewr!" :lol:

"Bieeen venou a WalMart " !

I think I'm going to cry :cowboy: Spent two hundred and twenty bucks plus 300 on hotel for the Moncton game. What if I run into him :twisted:

Maybe after July 25th you won't have to. But if you do, show him the picture. :wink:

One of my kids buddies works at Wallmart , maybe I can get him a personalized vest. Or put his name on the back "Hawk". Wear it to the game. Should get me on TV.