Media Guide Collectors

My wife and I are planning a move soon and I just came across a box of media guides that were left on my doorstep (literally) and that I have no use for. Mostly for Toronto (most of 1970 to 1984) and a couple of Calgary (79), Montreal (79, 81) Winnipeg (79) and Edmonton (81, double pass interference my arse).

Not looking to get fat on these and would ask for little more than shipping cost. They're not in great condition, but mostly its just cover wear. Anyone need to fill gaps? Let me know.

Have you tried you local sports collectors store ?

They might pay you enough to make it worth while.

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Being that the covers are a little faded and/or worn, I don't know that there'd be much interest. Besides, I'd just as soon see a fan take them. If no one wants them I might just go to that as plan B.

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I have tons of old media guides I'd like to give to a good home -- someone who would actually want to hang on to them. Sports collectible stores -- there aren't many of them left -- have shown no interest in CFL guides. There's little to no market for them at this point.

I deal in old sports memorabilia all the time.

CFL media guides in excellent condition can be worth decent money.

Obviously, with rare exceptions the guides from 1950s are worth the most - approx. $8 to $25 in nice condition.

1960s guides - $5 to $12

1970s guides - $3 to $9

1980s guides - $2 to $5

1990s to current - $1 or $2

These are the retail prices you'd see at a sports collectors store, sports convention or decent flea market seller. A dealer might pay you between 10% and 33% of what he thinks he can sell them for.

I still have a Montreal Concordes guide that might be worth decent money - but there's not a lot of Concordes collectors around. Some of the best (and still available) memorabilia is the post card series of team photos from the early to mid 1950s. I had a bomber team postcard from 1953 (WIF champions) with 29 autographs including Tom Casey, Jack Jacobs, Neil Armstrong & Bud Grant - but was lucky to get 450 US for the thing.

Have blue 'n gold programs from early to mid 60s bomber teams - nobody wants them!

I`ve managed over the last few years to put together a complete run of Als Media Guides from 1960 to the present. Unfortunately my mom is no longer around to throw them out!

Also have a decent collection of Als programs from 1946 on, including the 1949 Grey Cup program. I`m still on Kraft Dinner after paying for that one.

One that has proven to be elusive for some reason is an Alouette home program from 1969. Should anyone happen to have one from any 1969 game I will certainly pay for it.