media focuses on Ricky Ray, not Ticat win

I know Ray getting 50K yards in his career is a big deal,but to spend 70% of the Labour Day game highlights on that, and basically ignore/downplay the Ticat win (and the fact that Ray actually played brutal in the game) is a poor choice of TSN, Sportsnet, etcetera, in my opinion.

Well said…our defense beat up on the Argos & Ray…we would have got more head lines if our offense would have been better…p.s…Collaros did well

He's done, and so are the Argos.

Meh. Let them enjoy the limelight. Yesterday showed that this team can seize back the East, considering that it's not that far out of their current grasp. If we do well, Ricky Ray's milestone won't be what anyone's talking about in week 20.

TSN and the CFL have to showcase and hype the stars, especially QBs. Its good for the league.

We won by 1 point in a game we tried desperately hard to give away. Ill give them a slight pass on it, after thinking about it too they really couldn't showcase THF because it isn't finish, there wasn't much to actually showcase on TV.

I do believe that Black at least complimented the new THF. If it looks this good being 70 percent complete. Wait until it's 100 percent. I understand that 50 000 yards is quite an accomplishment. Ray deserves the acknowledgement but the story of the day was the new stadium. Collaros having a great day after the long layoff and the cats defense was outstanding. 4 or 5 qb sacks.

it was annoying listening to TSN this morning too but than again there wasn’t much to the game. putting on some good licks on the opposition is great and all but td’s are what makes the highlight reels.

I wish I could recall how much hype (if any) Danny Mac enjoyed when he passed the same threshold 10 years ago.

Something tells me that being the third guy to do it (wearing black & gold) was not deemed anywhere near as exciting as being the 6th guy (wearing double blue).

It is like saying the sky is blue. LOL

If Ray does it in any other uniform in the league, he doesn’t get the buzz. Especially if it were in a Ticat one.

Oski Wee Wee,


Depends on the part of the country youre in for media exposure I guess....

In Todays news here in Saskatoon it was all about 1) Riders win over Bummers 2)Ticats win @ opening game @ mention of Ray, the blows, stamps or esks etc or anything else cfl.......

It Toronto what did you expect a Parade down young street :lol:
Ray did something few QB have 50,000 yards
it was only Story the Toronto Media from the game to write .
cause the Cats won …

Be glad that’s all they could talk about this time

What if The Ray got them into range for a field Goal and they made it
Then They be talking about how Ray got 50,000 yards
led the Argos down the field for winning score with no time left.
Remember Toronto is Center of there Media Universe to people from Toronto .
Let have them have the small Victory
well ticats fans take the win and Stadium opening as there win

I thought the Star did it well.

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The TSN pre-game show yesterday did have this feature on THF with Brian Williams

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Where is the centre of the media universe then? Or more specifically since I think this is what you meant … Where is the centre of the sports media universe in Canada? Where do you think it should be?

Largest Population Base? Check
Largest Cable TV penetration? Check
Highest Density? Check
Largest Advertising $'s? Check
NHL team? Check
NBA team? Check
MLB Team? Check
MLS Team? Check

I honestly found the coverage to be quite balanced. They gave a lot of attention to the new stadium. A lot to Zach coming back from injury. Considering it was a major milestone for Ricky Ray and the CFL in general, I found the media coverage of the game to be quite balanced.

It doesn't change the W. :lol:

How much hype did Hank get last year as a Ticat when he hit the 50,000 yd mark?

“Very Good point…like it or not”