Media and Cohon should shut up!

You know, I find it funny how the poster complained about Cohon discussing the NFL, and yet scrolling through this topic all I see is the NFL and Buffalo Bills.

Honestly, why should Mark Cohon come out and publicly state that he doesn't want the NFL in Toronto and will fight them over it, when the chances of the Bills franchise, or any other franchise, coming to Canada are slim to none.

Now about the actual address, I was glad to hear him briefly discuss discipline. Unfortunately, he didn't say much, but hopefully over the offseason he can get suspensions to stick. To me, that's a much bigger issue than the Bills.

What kills me is that Cohon spoke for about twenty minutes about all sorts of things, like expansion, new stadiums, discipline, promoting players, the salary cap, attendance, and the financial health of the eight member clubs. He then followed that up with about twenty minutes of questions, and of the 23 questions asked, only 9 referred to the NFL coming to Canada.

Yet look at the newspaper coverage, and you'd think the whole press conference was an attempt to address that one issue.

I think the media is focussing on the one potentially negative aspect in an attempt to kill the CFL's resurgence in Toronto. Why? Because the Toronto media wants the NFL in Toronto.

Rather than reporting the story, they're trying to dictate its outcome. The tail is wagging the dog.