Meanstreak's Wisdom

I would like to point out to everyone that a certain member had yesterday’s surprise figured out long ago. Meanstreak has been championing William’s potential all year (and maybe even last year too) and yet took heat from others for it. As we all saw, Williams has the tools and smarts to play in this league. My hat is off to you ol’ Mean one.

Another thing I like about Williams is he is a clone of Printers so the O line and receivers shouldn't notice too much of a change when they are alternated.

Clap, clap. Indeed. I, for onr, though Williams was a keeper. Yesterday, by the way he attacked Toronto's D in the time he was in (albeit facing reserves), it was scary good. Too bad we ran out of time.

Oski Wee Wee,

it was as much garbage time as people think though. He might have been playing reserves but they were still bliutzing him and getting pressure. Not that it's that hard lol..

Its too bad they didnt put Williams earlier, we might have had a shot of winning that game. I hope they keep Williams because of that performance yesterday ( albeit, it was in garbage time) Teams will be looking to acquire him. Based on his composure yesterday. I would keep Williams and trade Chang next year

If Taaffe had brought Williams in to start the second half I'm convinced we'd have won the game.

If you check the game thread, I was making this request towards the end of the second quarter.

It`s too bad, opportunity blown there. Chang looked horribly lost. Williams in comparison looked like a veteran.

Your right,they should have taken Chang out after the first half.