Meaningful games

You know what's nice about week 16? Every game has playoff implications. There are no throwaway games where one or both teams have nothing to play for.

Montreal-Winnipeg: Als still haven't secured the division. Winnipeg fighting to stay alive in the crossover hunt.

Hamilton-Toronto: Battle for second place in the East.

Calgary-Sask: First place in the West on the line.

BC-Edmonton: Two teams fighting to stay ahead of a potential crossover team from the East.

Great time for CFL football.

the Montreal game is in Montreal.

they're not going to lose.

Bombers will be slightly overwhelmed here.

Als clinch home playoff game.

It's nice to have meaningful games down the stretch. The Rider Stamps game will be huge. A Calgary win means the season series and almost guarantees them first. A loss means the Riders own the tie breaker and only need to keep pace the rest of the way.

Yes, I will be watching every game....exciting times! :smiley:

Let's also hope the refs do a good job too! :thup:

as they usually do

I don't think it's an open-shut case. I think Montreal has the advantage playing at home, but the Bombers are desperate, with their backs to the wall. I predict it will be a close game, regardless of which team wins.

If the bombers can play with the intensity they showed in the 4th quarter last week, they can hang with Montreal. Particlarly since the Montreal D isn't exactly lighting it up this year, and the O line is banged up.

I believe this happened last season, too. I hope each game is good. I don't want to see any blowouts (unless it's my Esks that are blowing out the Lions :lol: ).

You'll sooner see Alberta elect a far leftwing provincial government than this.