Meanest LB of all time...

Okay, I know it's a tad ambiguous...and we'll throw in the NFL here, too...but there have been some mean one's. Remember, there are no wrong answer's here:

And you don't have to seperate the league's here:

NFL: Mike Singletarry--those eyes. The Baylor Bear was a beast...and he's a guy I'll never forget.

CFL: Craig Schaefer--personally ended Turner Gill's career...then went to prison for coke and man slaughter...I believe. Doesn't mean the dude couldn't play ball. He was a friggin' beast. No fear...

I recommend you read Lawrence Taylor's biography "LT: Living on the Edge". It is one of the funniest books I have ever read. That guy is the worst badass I have ever heard about. My vote goes to him.

Here's a challenge for you: try reading the first five pages and not go on with your reading... impossible!

I’m not sure about the CFL but the NFL would be Dick Butkus. Centers would tell stories that they would go to snap the ball and they’d think it was raining but it would be butkus foaming and spitting away.

Teammates and opponents alike marveled at Butkus’ ferocity. He intimidated players like nobody else. “If I had a choice, I’d sooner go one-on-one with a grizzly bear,” former Green Bay Packers running back MacArthur Lane said. “I prayed that I could get up every time Butkus hit me.”

Dan Kepley has to get a mention here, with LT for the NFL

Lawrence Taylor hands down as thirdandten said above! Helluva player! mention to Jack Lambert too!

Tyrone Jones ... or KD Williams ... as far as the CFL goes ...


Anyone remember Jeff Braswell? He was a psycho when he was in Edmonton. I remember him being ejected from the game at Taylor Field.

Good picks Kepley, Braswell, Ty Jones,

Was Angela Mosca a Lineman or Linebacker? I can't rememeber that long ago. Only remembered that I hated what he did to Willie Flemming.

Mosca was a defensive lineman.

Tom Brown BC lion was as tough as they come!!

That depends on whether, when you say "mean," you mean "tough and hard-hitting" or "dirty"?

I mite sound a little young after this one lol. But hey i am still young.
What about the whole Pittsburge Steelers Linebackers from there Dynasty years. I mean that defence was as solid as they get and those Linebackers were all monsters.