MD won't play in TO

Dominguez won't play against Argonauts

As a precautionary move, the Saskatchewan Roughriders' coaching staff has decided not to play wide receiver Matt Dominguez in Thursday's CFL game against the host Toronto Argonauts.

Dominguez has five receptions for 45 yards in two games since returning to the lineup after returning from a left knee injury he sustained Aug. 2. He had three catches for 13 yards in Sunday's 55-9 victory over the Edmonton Eskimos on Taylor Field.

Last week, Dominguez had fluid drained from the left knee, which he has injured three times since becoming a pro football player in 2001. The 30-year-old import has 19 receptions for 267 yards and one touchdown in seven games this season.

Maybe Flick will be good to go in his place.

Flick is a slot, but maybe

what about bowman? or mashall? or, that other guy ( shit i totally forget his name )

Leaderpost said that Flick will be in MD's spot.

Bowman is still on the 9-game, and we used our exemption for Chick. Marshall is a possibility, so is Walker.

But, talk of Heard playing WR on the scout team is really interesting now. Especially with Frazier out this week. Maybe we'll see Deantay playing all 3 sides of the ball.

What happened to Frazier?

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For Thursday's game, the Roughriders are expected to be without defensive halfback Lance Frazier, who has a team-high five interceptions. He tweaked a quadriceps muscle in Tuesday's practice.

With Frazier unavailable, the Roughriders -- who have been dressing six American defensive backs -- could activate import defensive back Denatay Heard. The other option would be to dress five American DBs in addition to homebrews Scott Gordon and Sebastian Clovis.

walker! thats his name... thanks zbest, that bugged me all day ( i wasnt near a computer at all to figure it out myself )

I have heard that there is possibly some really really bad new coming in about MD.

No tears or anything but sounds like Dr. are feeling that his knee just isn't up to taking the pounding of football anymore.