McSalmon Canned by TSN

Any truth to the rumour?

Sound fishy?

sorry, wasn't a rumour. Mentioned, ironically, in the Truth and Rumours column last week:

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I had no idea who you were referring to until I read the article.

Unless an ex-player is willing to be a little colorful they add nothing to the broadcast.
McManus is a great guy, but maybe too clean to be popular.

Seems TV sports these days only want Bradshaw-type "hot dogs" for colour commentators. Glen Suitor is the exception.....tough to beat him for good information.

They're dumping Danny but keeping mr jack-o-all trades master of nothing Black. TSN is messed, no wonder I never watch the stupid channel. They might as well just stick Black in the booth by himself because the guy can not work with anyone.

Porky was really sure of himself last year while doing TSN games and this proves nobody is higher then the game.

One question: Where is he headed next?Worked CFL,CBC,TSN. Hmmmmm Afl now? Forget the NFL Porky!

No offence to McMANUS, but you have to be articulate in that type of work, and he isn’t.

By articulate, you mean someone like Walby?

I thought HE did good Job
Rob Black was his problem.
Black is a bad Play by Play Guy for football.
I hope The Ticats give Danny a chance to do Colour with Coach Sal or Maybe add him to the 5th Qrt.

I find R.Black to be a Boor and obvious biased announcer,his comments especially about Referees calls against his team when the game is on the line sometimes show this ,thats when his commentator side kick will correct him ,much to his disgust sometimes ....he's a moron ...

TSN must be short sighted or short staffed at the CFL announcer position.... :cowboy:

LOL!!! Couldn't agree more! I find his commentary very FUSTRATING! (sic)

:lol: Precisely!! McManus was lightyears ahead of the bumbling stylings of Walby and Lee. I personally enjoy Danny's commentary over Khari's anyday.