McPherson Willing To Return

Senior better have 2 pairs of pants on when he reads this.

From his Twitter:
Adrian Mcpherson ?@McphersonAdrian 21h @Boudge29 tell them to call me I've been ready

Let the verbal diarrhea begin!

Thought he was rehabbing? (McPherson that is :wink: )

Physical rehab easier than mental rehab. :wink:

Adrian Mcpherson ?@McphersonAdrian 5h Great workout with my man nick. Feels great to be back on track. Good yoga session up next. #believeinyou

Sheldon, we need to call 911 right now and send the paramedics to Senior's floor at the compulsive-obsessive ward of the Douglas. Tell them to get the defibrilators ready.

While perhaps being diplomatic, Popp on his CJAD segment tonight when asked did not rule out a possible future return by McPherson. But he said McPherson currently recovering from a hernia injury. He also said there was interest by other teams in McPherson.

So Senior don`t throw away your doll quite yet.

Popp did rule out a call to Quinton Porter.

Sorry to put a damper on the enthusiasm
But Popp also said "I'm um not sure it'd be a good fit"

Anyone else speak bulls***
Cause you know what that means


Because on Double Jeopardy the #1 response to: Reasons Why Adrian McPherson Will Never Return to Alouettes

Was: "When releasing McPherson Jim Popp said No CFL had EVER expressed interest in McPherson"

Anyone know the etymology of the word SHYSTER?


Quinton Porter

God SAVE us

No but something really bad must have happenned between the Als and Porter. Popp should of called him after the half and told him get ur ass back to Mtl. I would actually love to see Porter run this offence. Unless Popp has other ideas like he did in 07 when he picked up Jason Maas. With Tate coming back and Mitchell able to do the job i wonder what it would take to get Glenn out of Calgary.

Found the McPherson twitter:

@RickMoffat the knee is better than ever Rick Moffat ?@RickMoffat 8h
    @McphersonAdrian Accounts of "season-ending" greatly exaggerated?
    Adrian Mcpherson ?@McphersonAdrian 8h

    @RickMoffat well it was because we only had 3 weeks left in the season but not the case anymore
    Rick Moffat ?@RickMoffat 6h

@Boudge29 thanks will do
Adrian Mcpherson ?@McphersonAdrian 17 Aug

@Boudge29 tell them to call me I've been ready
Adrian Mcpherson ?@McphersonAdrian 17 Aug

I don't need a alarm clock the hunger to be great wakes me early everyday. #believeinyou
Adrian Mcpherson ?@McphersonAdrian 16 Aug</blockquote>


Smith backing up Adrian with one of the two kids as #3 makes a lot of sense but Popp a peut etre une crote sur le coeur et pas sur que Berry est le bon coordonateur pour une offensive play action.

We've seen what McPherson can do, and it was not that impressive.

I'd much rather see what Neiswander and Marsh have.

Sorry, Senior.

Well you certainly have a right to believe
Guys with NO experience
(and little talent)
Are better than a 5 year CFL quarterback
Who's excelled wherever he's been given a proper shot
As a starter

Hopefully it's not the majority opinion
For the good of the Alouettes


Adrian is about the last QB I'd want running a WCO. Not saying he could be a star in this league but I'm pretty sure if the Als want to salvage the season he's a better be than two guys who have never played one full professional game between the two of them.

Jim was asked the question on CJAD tonight and he's not sure Adrian would be the "best fit".

Jim Popp also mentionned that Quinton Porter was beaten by Josh Neiswander and Tanner Marsh and basically no chance to see him in Montreal.

Let's forget Adrian and Quinton and focus on Anthony,Josh,Tanner and Troy.


Adrian McPherson. Oy. Great guy, but what, precisely, had he proven in the CFL before leaving? The ability to run the short-yardage team very effectively and that's about it. And don't give me any BS about it being a question of him not fitting the WC offense. Look at how well Collaros, a much younger player, has done in Toronto in relief of Ray. Exact same situation = pocket-passing starter, scrambling backup. But Milanovich, who was also OC in Montreal for most of Adrian's time in the CFL, is able to get production out of Collaros. Hmmm. Could it be that the reason McPherson is out of the CFL is because he's not good enough to be more than a backup in the CFL?

The level of discussion has taken a substantial hit in the past few weeks. From conspiracy theories about AC faking a concussion to calls to bring back a backup QB who was mediocre outside of the QB sneak option to suggestions we trade away the farm for Joey F. Elliot of all people, the conversation is not stellar right now. I mean, keep wearing the tin-foil hats if you want, but those of us who just want to talk football in a sensible manner should maybe start our own forum...:wink:

It's amazing how consistently WRONG people can be
Over and over on the same subject
And yet continue to hammer at the same nail
Long after it's twisted and mishapen...

Circular logic like...
Adrian McPherson NEVER proved ANYTHING in the CFL
While being part of the INTENSE pressure to keep Calvillo on the field
No matter WHAT

And then the unreal comparison to Collaros
Who only had ONE good game
And stank things up against out own Alouettes last time we played the Argos
Is precious in it's illogic...truly
Especially because the same argument is made by the same person about McPherson:
Oh he only had one good game

Well...the ONLY action we saw from McPherson
Was in JUNK games at the end of the season
When most players were more worried about not getting hurt
Than winning (or making their quarterback look good)
how can you DECLARE that you know McPherson is "not good enough to be more than a backup in the CFL

I cannot fathom the stubbornness, peevishness and complete selfishness
As to continue to flog completely untenable arguments
With the SOLE MOTIVATION of not wanting to be proven wrong

Where is your love of this
Drowning in the BILE of your hatred
Of anyone who dares to challenge you?

This kind of perpetual irresponsibility
Wll live in infamy on this forum
And I cannot believe that ANYONE here
Will continue to suffer such behaviour in silence

So much for laying aside personal grudges and acrimony
For the good of the team
Such attitudes makes me sick to my stomach

I have nothing more to say on the subject.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

We can but hope. ASKED for it...
(as we Bruins fans say...DON'T POKE THE BEAR)



That McPherson ISN'T blacklisted
And manages to secure a spot with a CFL or NFL club
I am sure
To the very marrow of my bones
That he will make you eat those words

And I expect an writing
To HIM, not me
When he rips the CFL or NFL a new one
like he did the Arena League this year

Maybe you have the integrity to do least
We'll see.