McPherson vs Reilly vs Mitchell

OK, I get it. People don't like Glenn. He has some consistency issues and hasn't really put up huge win seasons. But even without a sterling won-loss record what he does do is get his team in the playoffs pretty much every year he's the starter. Every year he was the bomber starter we were in the playoffs. Each year he started in Hamilton they got into the playoffs. As the guy who started most games in Calgary this year they got into the playoffs. He's won some big playoff games, namely the east final vs the argos in which he was injured heading into the 2007 Grey Cup, and he won a big game vs. BC in the west final to get the Stamps to the 100th cup. He didn't look sharp in the Grey Cup but really, other than Larry Taylor, is there anyone else that stood out for the Stamps? I'm not championing his return to Winnipeg as I would prefer a younger guy who can be the long term starter and Glenn is on the back end of his career, but come on, give the guy some due. He isn't a complete dud.

You've got a point wolverine. He's the Rodney Dangerfield of CFL quarterbacks.

I give Glenn his do he has now become a top back up in the CFL his days as a starter full time are in the past. He had a nice career better than most but to hang your hat on him as a starter would be a mistake. If not for his already history with Winnipeg and that he came out and said he was still a starter in the CFL he would be a great fit as a back up in winnipeg. Whether they go with Elliot or Reilly. Coming into Calgary with the good attitude and accepting the role as a back up to a young starter in Tate is what made the Calgary situation work.
Elliot, Glenn, and Goltz would be a good QB situation in Winnipeg.

Wpg needs to sign a QB that gives fans some hope. Moving into their new stadium, if the new QB ever caught fire, he’d be the toast of the town. The Bombers owe it to their fans to create some excitement for next season and they could do that by signing Mike Reilly. Then keep Buck as the alternate starter along with Goltz and another QB prospect on the practice roster. :expressionless:

If they are going to clear house at QB and give the fans some hope then Buck Pierce needs to be the first to go. If anybody has been a let down it has been Pierce. He started less then half the games in the last three seasons and half the games he started he did not finish. If they bring in Reilly a Guy that has only played in a handful of pro football games and roll the dice again and he turns out to be a flop you cant have the guy who was the flop before on the team also.