McPherson vs Reilly vs Mitchell

Who would you rather have as your starting QB: Adrian McPherson, Mike Reilly or Bo-Levi Mitchell?

And why?

Mike Reilly to the Winnipeg Bluebombers in 2013 via free agency.
Adrian McPherson to the Edmonton Eskimos via trade in 2013 or free agency in 2014.
Bo-Levi Mitchell to the Ottawa ________ via Explansion Draft in either 2013/14.

Mpherson to the Esks seems like a match made. AD has been on the shelf so long that people forget just how good he really is. Reilly and Mitchell have all the potential in the World and will get their shots sooner rather than later. Reilly will most likely hang around in BC another season before he would go to a potential Night mare in Winnipeg. Elliots 2 offensive player of the week awards should garner him a shot at the number one spot next year.
If McPherson goes to EDM and Calivillo returns for another season you may see Reilly in Montreal.
Bo Levi will be number 2 in Calgary and may get his shot real fast if Tate does turn out to be fragile.

McPherson is a FA this february.

Adrian McPherson = Experience plus talent

Neither of the others quite match.

didnt look so hot last time he played.

You can afford to "bark" of course with Lulay at hand in BC. :slight_smile:

McPherson's upside remains high.

McPherson will be a star in this league shortly if he gets a legit shot at a first string position.

Can not judge McPherson on that last game. His experiences are invaluable compared to Reilly of Mitchell. Neither Reilly or Mitchell do not have any experience except as CFL back ups. Reilly had a very brief time with Seattle but almost all of his pro experience has come with the CFL.
McPherson had early experiece and Success in the Arena League when it was played at a much higher level and with much more level of talent amongst its players. his College career was cut short due to legal issues spent time in the AFL before being eligible for the draft and then had legal problems with the NFL after he was drafted. He was a perfect fit for the skill set of a CFL QB at the time and Montreal went after him very hard once he went back to the Arena league and have made it a point to hang onto him as long as possible. I do not think anyone could have seen what was coming from Calivillo at that time so for McPherson and Montreal saw him as similar in skill set to Tracy Ham and would eventually take over for AC. It did not goes as planned as Trestman came in and Calivillo and the ALS won back to back GC in '09 and '10. As this situation evolved so did the thoughts of who will be the next Montreal QB as the Als run a unique offense to the CFL in the West Coast offense and a pocket passer. This style would most likely limit Mcpherson's talents in an offense in which running plays would be designed for him. Very much like EDM tried with Jyles and succeeded with Joseph at the Helm but Joseph did begin to show the wears of his age at the end of the season as a starter making McPherson a logical destination for Mcpherson to want to go and also for EDM to seek through free agency. As EDm took one on the Chin this year without a QB to replace Ray for the 2012 season they put a lot of other pieces into place. With these pieces in place the 2012 season is now over and they can go and find the QB that best suits them in experience, talent, style, and price. RR with a 450k salary that may have stiffled EDM is no longer there and with McPherson being a first year starter will not require quite such a high salary but a 300-350k salary is somehting that EDM will be able to offer as well as a starting job. Things that Montreal will not be able to offer if Calivillo comes back. Even if Calivillo comes back I think that McPherson will see EDM as a better situation for him. Much easier to go to EDM to start than to stay in Montreal to start in 2013 with the AC shadow still looming. In Edmonton he will be seen as the savior in Montreal not so

....Of all the qbs. mentioned, I think Reilly has the most potential...Maybe not experience but from what I saw in 2012, he certainly showed well...McPherson did not impress me as fact he had a dismal performance when I saw him play in the Peg this year...Mitchell looks to be a qb. on the fact so much so, I don't think he'll be pryed loose easily from his current club....I expect a battle for Reillys services , to be heated between the Esks. and Bombers ,once free agency starts...Tough to say where he'll land...B.C. still might be able to retain him IF they can make him a sound contract offer BUT knowing Wally, I think he'll let him walk...We'll see.. :roll:


I think Adrian McPherson is the best QB right now out of the three.
Right behind him is Reilly. I dont see Reilly as a franchise guy like a Lulay or Ray. But more of a Glenn/Pierce type.
In 3 years, i think Bo-Levi Mitchell will be the best out of the three. And the franchise guy in Ottawa.

To be honest I like Nichols(25) more than these 3 at this point in time and he's 3 years younger than Reilly(28) and 4 years younger than McPherson(29). Mitchell is even younger at only 22 years old. I would feel a lot better as an Esk fan going into next season with Nichols if he hadn't gotten the dislocated ankle. It's a bit concerning that he is supposed to be fully healed only a month before training camp. Any complications could see him missing TC or regular season games.
As a result, I'd like to see the Esks go hard after Reilly to have him compete with Nichols in TC. Between the two, I think the Esks would have a solid QB moving forward by the end of 2013 if they gave them playing time.

To say McPherson has a lot more playing experience than Reilly or Nichols isn't necessarily true. Mcpherson has started all of 5 or 6 games with the Als since 2008. Both Nichols and Reilly have started 2 games each and have each only been in the league two years.

I Like Nichols too. As for Reilly, he plays the same type of game as Nichols. So a 1-2 punch would work for both of them. But i think McPherson brings much more then just pocket passing. With a big RB like Messam. McPherson can do alot of QB Draws with #23 blocking for him. But it all depends on who becomes the new O-C in Edmonton. And what QB fits his style better, etc.

It will be interesting to see what happens this offseason. Alot of movement will occur. I think Reilly takes good money and ends up in Winnipeg. While McPherson goes to Edmonton. Mitchell becomes back up in Calgary and Glenn leaves for another team. Even Montreal, with AC having 1 year left. Tops.

After last season the ESKS need to have a QB that is ready to start now and step right in and take over an offense with talented players that had only a worn out 40 year old QB that could actually throw the ball to them. McPherson would be the perfect fit to win right now. Reilly is not ready to do that and would only frustrate EDM fans.

Why would say this? What has he accomplished exactly? He's got good legs and has that added dimension of being able to take off with the ball. And you'd hope he's learned something playing behind AC the last 5 years. But lets face it, he hasn't played much and his passing stats aren't spectacular in the limited action he has seen. His last start, vs Wpg at the end of the season, he didn't win. He's a guy with good tools and potential, but that doesn't guarantee wins right now.

BTW, as a bomber fan I'm not really into promoting anything rider, but if you're going to discuss some of the younger QBs around the league, Drew Willy accounted well for himself in the time he had on the field this year. If you're predicting QBs to Ottawa, he might be a guy to keep an eye on. Whether Mitchell is left exposed to Ottawa IMO depends on whether tate can stay upright in 2013. If he has another injury plagued year, it would be quite the risk to protect him over Mitchell IMO.

McPherson should have made his move long ago. You definitely have a higher opinion of him than I do.

Reilly really wants to start. I don't think it mattes to him where it is.

And is that your way of saying there's a dark horse in Winnipeg? :wink:

I do agree on Mitchell.

.....Reilly is not going to hang around B.C. like McPhersen did/does in Mont.....He's not getting any younger and quite frankly UNLESS Lulay decides to head south, I don't see Wally kicking out the dough, that another team (like Wpg.) will pay him...I know the Bombers and probably the Esks. will go after Reilly in a big way...Playing in brand new digs could be attractive along with getting a very good shot at the starting gig.....We'll see... :wink:

Yes but papa we've hardly seen the guy play. . . can you honestly say that he's an upgrade over Brink or Elliot ?

One good start, one not so good. I agree with you MadJack, he's still an unknown quantity until he gets some more starts under his belt.

....I've seen enough of Elliott and Brink to have my doubts about either of them being the starter for the Bombers...With that in mind, I say we have to go in another direction...Elliott is presently being shopped, according to the local media....Brink, with all of his playing time, has not impressed and Goltz probably has as much upside...Reilly is a mature qb., who in my estimation brings a lot to the table , even with the small amount of time I've seen him play...Now whether or not Buck is content to be a back-up is another question...That could have a bearing on a Reilly acqusition as well...So in the final analysis and according to Bomber management, we do not have a current starter...Bringing in Reilly would be seen as an attempt to correct that...Doing nothing assures us having to go down the same road we did last year at qb....That is NOT going to be very palatable to the fans...No guarantees with Reilly or any of them but we certainly have to at least be seen as making an effort to correct the present situation...Look for the Bombers to go after Reilly.. :wink:

I still like Elliot in Winnipeg. Reilly may turn out to be great but it may be the lack of attractive QB free agents that has everyone jumping after him. This is the first year that he has ever seen playing time in a pro football game in any league. Elliot was Offensive player of the week twice this season and had another gutsy solid performance against BC at BC at the point of the season when BC looked unbeatable.
With Elliot coming into training camp as the starting QB for the first time will make a huge difference. I can't see the logic in bringing in Reilly and paying him a starters salary with the little we have seen of him. Elliot is under contract and knows that if he is named the starter in Training camp his success will lead to a starters salary.
Someone mentioned how do we know that Reilly is better than Elliot or Brink at this point. reilly was in a very good situation in BC with a team around him that was playing great and had stability. Elliot and Brink did not have that last year.
In Regards to McPherson I am a little surprised that he is not getting more attention. With the success in Montreal with a pocket passer many CFL teams have gotten off track a bit and forgot how important it is to have a mobile QB that can run. McPherson is the prototype CFL QB and that Calivillo and Ray are the exception and can be successful if in the Montreal/Toronto/West coast Offense.
I think everyone got a reminder of this during the Riders 5 game losing streak when Durant was confined to being a pocket passer.
For me in Edmonton I would be going after McPherson hard. with Kavis Reed turning him lose like he did with Joseph and tried with Jyles.
just my opinion.
If Winnipeg or Edmonton go after Glenn as their starter will be destined for last place again.