McPherson to Toronto

and nobody likes a Debbie Downer. :frowning:

It seems little ol you is obsessed with Adrian McPherson. I sincerely hope you are not building yourself up for an awful letdown.

Frankly, Alex Brink, soon to be free agent in Winnipeg, has impressed me more than McPherson has in his albeit limited opportunities. Time will tell obviously, and I certainly hope you turn out to be right.

Sheldon I'm really not sure what to make of Brink.

2010 I was significantly less than impressed with him. 2011, yes he look to have improved a fair bit. . . but really, Winnipeg's offence was rather vanilla, so it's really hard to get a read on him.

In his limited time this year I thought Brink took charge of the huddle, had a quick accurate release on short passes, was mobile, and I remember a couple of nice long passes.

Idiots? Really? Just because we don’t have YOUR homo-erotic crush on McPherson, does not make us idiots! :roll: