McPherson to Toronto

Ha....scared you!

Of course...I'm not the first to suggest it.
With Milanovich leaving Rick Moffat writes in a story for CJAD:

Problem is, will he have a quarterback to work with in TO? There's ample speculation Henry Burris will wind up there. Could Milanovich also try to pry Adrian McPherson from the Als, as Toronto has tried in recent years too?
[url=] ... D=10318544[/url]

It's "in the ether" like they say.

It would seem this is "crunch time"
Either the Alouettes brass stand pat...embrace their decline with an aging, hobbled quarterback
A predictable offence and head-coach
Or they make the and build for the future

L'auditoire québécois dégringole De 1,1 million de téléspectateurs qui ont vu les Alouettes gagner la Coupe Grey en 2010, il est passé à 225 000 cette année. L'auditoire de TSN a quant à lui reculé de 13 pour cent.
[url=] ... 09684.html[/url] Grey Cup viewers were a quarter of last year's in Quebec Unlike some other markets...there are just too many distractions in Montreal to field a mediocre team and be successful. But more than that, even if the Alouettes have a similar year in 2012, will this city respond to the "same old, same old" approach this team seems destined for?

There's no question that McPherson is desperately unhappy.
The best years of his playing life are being spent on the bench.
Don't be surprised if the Argos make overtures to AD once Milanovich is settled.
And if McPherson goes...we lose the future...plain and simple.

I've been warning about the Decline and Fall of this Alouettes Empire for 3 years.
My sole purpose has been to prevent what now seems to be in the process of being realized.
If McPherson goes to the Argos I'll still be an Alouettes fan.
But I wonder if there'll be much point
And for how long?

People in Montreal are just Al's fans. In order for the CFL to work, you need to be fans of the whole league. How can you watch your team play all year, then when the Al's are out, you don't watch the last big game of the season. PS McPherson is not that good.

Uh oh, he's just unleashed the beast. :lol:

LOL, right you are. .. someone may need a defibrilator. . .

or an undertaker. :cowboy:

Had I been McPherson, I would have not signed that 2 year contract. Had he not done so he would have been a free agent in 2012. Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg would be all begging and, offering him big bucks. I did read some where ( yesterday I think ) that Trestman is delighted to have AC back as the # 1 QB and, he will remain so. I believe McPherson missed a great opportunity to actually have QB playing time and, I cannot comprehend his signing of that 2 year contract. Surely he must have had some huge promises to actually sign such a deal. If so, the Als management really screwed him. What McPherson has not had is playing time nor, practice as first string QB time. I disagree with the above notes that suggest McPh is not good enough to be first string. In replacing AC when AC took time away due the illnes in the family, AD did a quality job. We have seen too much of AD to believe he is not a highly capable QB. My question would instead be- has McPherson’s talents been eroded by his inaction the past couple of years. I believe the team was on the beginning of a downside in 2011. I hope my limited info/perceptions are wrong. Otherwise my 2012 perception of the Alouettes is TILT !!!

This the same McPherson who signed a 2 year extension?

Glad he isn't furiously angry, he might have signed a 5 year extension. . . :lol:

Hmmm... Barker signs Jyles to a 2 year contract for $250k per season more or less making him the #1 starter. Why would McPherson want to leave for T.O.? He is probably in a better situation here with the Als than to be behind Jyles who has just signed and is younger than AC.
AC said he would be discussing his future with Whettenhal and is open to the idea of platooning/mentoring McPherson!

Yes, it's interesting Toronto re-signing Jyles at that price. That I think puts them out of the market for Burris; they couldn't trade for his existing contract without exceeding the cap I suspect. . . and if they renegotiated with him, I doubt he'd take less cash than what Jyles is getting, so I am not sure that's workable either.

Guess Smilin' Hank will be Hamilton-bound. . .

This is what Dave Naylor was saying yesterday re Hank.

Very well put
Agreed on all counts
Including wondering if McPherson's talents are eroding...sitting on the bench

He signed with the Alouettes because he's seen Calvillo's career, the respect and opportunity to play for a class organization...and he wants that for himself and the stability for his young family.
What he doesn't realize is that if he's going to repeat Anthony's 18 year career, he's going to have to play 'til the age of 46...not very likely...especially for a talented running quarterback.

AD knows the window is closing...and 2012 may be his last chance to prove himself in this league.
If Trestman, Calvillo and Popp dig another McPherson pit for him to camp in in can bet he'll be gone like a shot...immediately after. And if Calvillo continues to start...and is as inconsistent as in 2011, the divisions in the locker room will only continue to widen.
Mathieu Proulx hinted at those tensions 2 years ago when I quizzed him about McPherson.
He seemed sure AD would take off when his contract ran out.
I guess he must share Niagra's confusion at his re-signing.

I completely agree that if this team goes Calvillo to the bitter end of the season that McPherson will leave at the end of it and I suspect a lot of fans will leave with him because Calvillo will retire at the end of next season and if McPherson leaves then the team is up a creek without a paddle. This city will not likely support a losing team as we will mostly turn to the canadiens and that team has been the only one to survive losing in montreal thus far

McPherson is signed till the end of the 2013 season. Stop worrying!

Calvillo will be back and will play as much as in 2011,unless hurt.


AC has a shot at being second all-time pro football TD pass leader behind Brett Favre. Only 17 away.

Yes, mentioned in previous posts.

As for AC, he said himself he would be open to having McPherson play more should he decide to come back. He is suppose to be speaking with Whettenhal (and presumably Popp) about his intentions for next season sometime in the upcoming weeks.

Toronto: hosting the grey cup=pressure.
Hamilton: hasn't won in 13 years(2012)= pressure
Winnipeg: hasn't won in 22 years(2012)=pressure.

Montreal: no pressure. 2012 will be a good year. :thup:

And exactly what I've been saying since Tate took over the role in Calgary

2 comments about McPherson
To my knowledge he's signed he's signed through 2012...not 2013:

The Montreal Alouettes extended the contract of backup quarterback Adrian McPherson through the 2012 season Wednesday.
[url=] ... -extension[/url] - [i]Richard the All Knowing[/i] portends....Calvillo will be back and play as much as 2011 (how he can be sure of this is baffling, especially since it contradicts Calvillo himself) there will be a [b][i]very[/i][/b] pissed off camper sitting on the bench all season. This is not exactly good for team morale.
  • If McPherson is dissed all year as in years past....what are the chances he stays with the Als, considering all the time wasted and promises broken? Close to zero.
    Where does that put the team post AC?

I know I shouldn't but I just can't resist. . .

Pot, meet kettle.

Well, he's probably about as sure of that as you are about this:

Now if instead of that, you'd written that there will be a very pissed off poster in here, you'd be on solid ground !!

Anyway, here's some encouragement for you from our new offensive coordinator:

[i]"Although Brady, like everyone else, is expecting Calvillo to continue playing next season, he intimated the time might have arrived to get his backup, Adrian McPherson, more involved in the offence. If anyone can empathize with McPherson over his lack of playing time, it should be Brady.

“It’s something Marc Trestman and I will discuss - as well as A.C.? Brady said. “He’ll have a lot of input as well.?[/i]

From: ... story.html

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