McPherson to Edmonton: 3 way trade!!!

This trade will be announced in 2 to 3 days tops! A 3 way trade between Montreal-Edmonton-Hamilton! The Als will ship McPherson to the Eskimos. It was Tillman’s goal to get McPherson when he traded Ray. The Als will get Justin Hickman from the Tiger Cats, and Greg peach from the Eskimos. The Eskimos will trade 2 as yet unknown players to Hamilton.

This is a done deal. My sources are ROCK solid :rockin:

You heard it here first!

Full credit to you if it happens. Don't see anything on esksfans. Might make them less cranky.

What an incredible liar. Hickman and Peach are both free agents. At least if your gonna lie, know the league first.

Now now give him a chance. :wink:

Who knows? Maybe Trestman will go to Hamilton and Joe Paterno will be our new HC. Ray Lalonde Did know him. :stuck_out_tongue:

He'll be banned by lunch time and probably back under "Pussyfartastic"

Well he's either flutiefan02, stampstamps (who has a long history of coming in here under different names), or even the return of McMahon. . . all 3, assuming they are in fact 3 separate people, have a long history of making up trade rumours on their own.

He's an attention starved Lions fan with a boring life and wife.


Thanks for that. Let's see if Vancouver shows as much love for their championship team as Montreal did. I'm guessing most people in B.C. don't even care. :roll:

:thup: :thup:

Too bad he didn't predict that Rich Stubler would fly the coop from edmonton......because he just did.

Yowzers :expressionless: